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Don't know how much more I can take

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As some of you may know, Popsie went to the vet three weeks ago for constipation. He had a blood panel there which didn't turn out to bad. Well I think he caught something at the vet because he was real lethargic, sneezing, not eating good. Last week I took him to another vet who gave me antibiotics to give Popsie. He's been perking up but still not eating very good. Now today he's constipated again!!!!! I am just at my wits end here. It's Sunday so the regular vet is closed. I don't even have a car anyway. DH took it to work. He won't be home until 8 pm. Plus emergency vets want money up front and surprize, I'm broke. Has anyone had to give there cats an enema before. I have a childrens enema here and was considering that. Popsie cannot go until tomorrow morning like this. It wouldn't be so bad but he keeps throwing up. For the past three weeks I've been nothing but stressed about him. I hope I don't have a nervous breakdown.
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I am sorry I have never given a Enema to a Cat. Coco always gets Constipated too. You think she is better then its bad again and she screams in the Pan. My Meeko went for Blood Tests at the Vets then became very Sick with a high fever. I bet your Cat got sick from the Vets too.
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Hi ! Can you go with Poopsie to the litter box and watch what is going on down there while he tries to go can you see if the poop is stuck there in the exit way? maybe you can aid him ! I did that with my sometimes constipated cat when he had 3 or 4 days without going... since then I monitor and he goes every other day.
I've changed his diet and I am giving him mainy wet food but is a problem because he likes only the "juice" and preferes dry food.
I've heard that is not a home task to give an enema. I've been told that we can use a baby supository on cats, unfortunately my constipated boy will scratch me to death if I try to...

Good Luck
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Having gone through very serious constipation related problems with one of my cats I’d like you to know I completely understand how terrible this situation is for you. However, please, listen to me, don’t attempt to give an enema yourself.

Even a suppository can make a cat so sick you are convinced it won’t survive the ordeal. It’s horrible to watch what the poor cat is going through. An enema also makes a cat sick and, for more than one reason, an OTC enema can be fatal to a cat. FLEET enemas for instance are fatal to cats in minutes.

Also, before giving an enema a vet takes an X-ray to see what exactly they will have to deal with. Taking that X-ray is crucially important.

In a bad situation a cat can require several (as many as five) enemas before it’s all cleaned out. If they don’t do that, the cat has to go back to the vet for more enemas in a few days.

These treatments are terrible ordeals for cats. It’s not like giving an enema to a human.

PLEASE contact a veterinarian for advice and keep Popsie safe.

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Talk to them about a payment plan, some will do a sliding scale.
Don't let your cat suffer, please.

Is the cat drinking water? What kind of food?
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Constipation....oh yeah, don't I know what you mean. Our Max has that and it's quite frustrating.

I've found that the best way to treat him is to feed him Medi-Cal, Fibre Formula and every now and then, give him a gel cap of Metamucil (sugar free formula) along with wet food. His poop is still short and stumpy but comes out much easier.

Good luck!!!
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is he constipated or is he impacted?
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