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Urgent prayers needed please!

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I just got off the phone with my mom. Just about 1 week ago she went to have a biopsy and D&C done, she was scheduled to see the dr for the results next week. She was called in early. She has cancer. She has been scheduled for a hysterectomy on Monday. Please prayer that the cancer hasn't spread. Please prayer for a swift recovery. Thank you
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I went through this with my mom too Ady. She also was rushed into having a hysterectomy and they were able to remove all the cancer.

Stay positive!! Prayers on their way!
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ady - i am so sorry to hear that. board magic coming your way!!!
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All my prayers, Ady. Prayers and hugs. Keep us posted!

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ady, I'm so sorry to hear the news. Good thoughts and prayers for your mom's health, your family and especially you.
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Good thoughts comming your way. Having been through this myself, I know that its scary.
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Oh my gosh... Positive thoughts coming from Pennsylvania as well.
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oh no ady!
lots of prayers coming your way!

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more positive thoughts and prayers coming from pennsylvania..
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Lot;s of postive thought's coming from NY.
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TONS of positive thoughts and energy coming to you and your Mom!
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oh ady, prayers of recovery and strength being sent...
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Thanks everyone! I just got back from mass with my mom (it was the anniversary of my grandfather's death). It hasn't really hit her or my dad yet. The Doctor was able to get her in on Monday due to a cancellation and she thinks that it is too fast for surgery - I told her it is never too fast to get cancer out of your body. I will be taking Monday off to be at the hospital with my dad - I don't think he should have to wait alone. Thank you for the continued prayers - I will keep you updated.
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Just read this and am adding my wishes for a complete recovery.
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I wish your Mom the best of luck and am sending positive vibes your direction! I pray that she'll be back to her healthy self soon!
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i know exactly how this feels, ady, my every prayer is yours. i'm here if you need to talk to someone who's been through it.

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Ady lots of love and prayers to your parents and to you - stay strong.
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lots of postive thoughts and prayers!
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Ady, I just saw this thread. I hope your mother's surgery is successful!
Lots of prayers and positive healing thoughts are on the way!
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Ady, sending prayers to you, your mom and your family. Sending some hugs, too!
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Sorry to hear this, Ady. I'll keep your mom in my prayers! You stay strong—

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Just reading this too.....Ady, sending preayers out to you and your family. And (((HUGS)))

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Thanks for your prayers everyone. Just got off the phone with mom and she said the surgery will be at 8 am Monday morning.
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Ady, I just saw this thread!! I am so sorry to hear about your mother! I will be thinking about her Monday morning and sending up prayers!!!! Please keep us posted on how the surgery goes! I pray they will get it all out and that it hasn't spread. Give your mom a hug from me and tell her we are praying for her!!!
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