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Love has no boundaries (pic heavy)

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All 5 of my cats love each other alot. There is always someone getting a bath or a snuggle or keeping warm with their best buddy.

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AWWWW! How sweet. It looks like the fuzzy ones are keeping the non fuzzy ones warm.
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I wish my girls got along that well

I love the pic of the two all covered up in the bed
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Oh those two are just so funny. That pic of them in bed is only my calico's 2nd day at our house, so this was a great shot. I have a bunch more of them in bed together, we just knew it was love
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Oh those pics are wonderful! How lucky you are to house full of loving felines. It always warms my heart to see my boys loving each other too.
The ones under the covers are just too cute! Looks like they're trying to keep warm.
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Great pictures, I also love the bed shots, those ears look so cute peeping out.
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Originally Posted by skewch View Post

Excuse me, can we get a little privacy here!??!

What a beautiful fur family! I love how much everyone else loves each other!
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Awww, so sweet!
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They are all so beautiful!!! I LOVE the hairless ones!
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Awww thanks for sharing your pics. They sure do seem to love each other..
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Thanks everyone for your comments! Pictures really only capture a small part of who all of my cats are. They are so sweet to each other.

There are so many people who are afraid of siamese cats. I had a neighbour stop in the other day and she's really scared of them. She asked me if they were going to bite her. My cats don't bite, and I proved to her how sweet they are and how they love to be petted and spoiled.

It's all in the nurturing and being brought up in the way I have always done it. I guess I tend to spoil them badly when they're little, but how can you not spoil them? I also never turn them down when they want love...gotta stop what you're doing sometimes to make them happy Even if it means sitting on the toilet for longer than you'd wanted to LOLOL
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It looks like the dark pointed meezers are the bath-givers!!!
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Murray is the one who gives out what we call "mandatory baths". LOL Bob is the black devon rex who now rushes to Murray and flops right down for his bath now LOL it's too funny.

Ferd is the one who lets the little ones (back then) nurse on him...yes it looked sooooo wrong, but he purred through it all, like a momma and her babies LOL

Ferd and Murray are brothers from the same litter....they are almost identical except Ferd is much heavier set.

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how wonderful to have such a harmonious home! your babies are gorgeous!
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Aww, how sweet.
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