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seagulls....some photos for you

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Awesome photos! I love seagulls.
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Gorgeous pictures!
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Beautiful! The 3rd one is my favourite! Very serene
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Those are gorgeous pix! They totally look professional.
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Wow! Cool pictures
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Great photos! You have a good eye.
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Nice shots. Have you ever gotten to see the photography thread I had started on here before? There are a lot of talented people here. I think you would enjoy looking through the photos. If you want to I can dig it up and post in it so you can see it.
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Absolutely wonderful pics - but I hate seagulls with a vengeance! When you've lived in a country where they are 14 to the dozen, you get really fed up of being pooped on, mobbed when you walk by a house that has a nest on the top, or woken up by a squawking menace that's stomping up and down on the roof just above your bedroom at 4am. Apparently seagulls are a protected species. Apparently the people who protected them have never been to Moray, Scotland.
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yep I think i've seen the photography thread and even posted in it....
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