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Interesting Question - MULTI CAT HOUSEHOLDS ONLY!

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I was just wondering this.

Who is the top cat and who is the bottom cat in your household?

I've only got the one cat so I can't answer (without the answer being obvious )

When I say multicat I mean 2 or more cats living in the same house.
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Tosca is not just top cat. Tosca is the cat. Bootie... well she's just a bit different. They've worked out a system wherby they are both equals, strangely enough. We have two girls who don't really compete against one another for attention or food, because Tosca has realised and accepted that Bootie doesn't really act like a "normal" cat.
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I honestly do not know. Neither one of them are truly dominate or submissive. Both completely defer to me, so maybe I've upsurped that position somehow? ie - if they're arguing over who gets to sit in a particular chair I will push them both out of it and sit in the chair myself. Maybe my two are odd?
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I would say depends on the situation, for attention definetely kaylee, but for food its teufel
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You big usurper, you!! Sounds like YOU are top cat!
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Sabrina is the top cat I believe in my household...
she's the one that sometimes sleeps on the bed....
both of them were on it for one night..and after that.only Sabrina...
guess she told him it was her bed..lol
and she does pretty good at swatting him...
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I honestly don't know anymore, Sapphire used to be my top cat, but she passed away in November. I though Gaia would take over, but she passed away in January, so I think it's a free for all now I do have a low cat on the totem pole though, that's Poseidon, everyone hates him his own darn fault though, when he first came to live with me, whe wanted to be top cat- wasn't gonna happen!
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My cats are equally top cat. We have actually never had a fight or problem with my two boys. They share everything, eat out of the same bowl, cuddle, share toys, and take turns chasing each other, one will chase the other down the hall, then switch! The other will chase the other one back up the hall. I’ve never seen them meow angrily, or hiss, or swat aggressively towards each other.

On the other hand my sister’s cats and my mother’s cats all have top cat issues. My sister had three cats, two females and one male. They all fought every chance they got and one of the females was top cat. As soon as my Dad brought the male cat to my moms house (when they got back together) all the fighting in my sisters house stopped.

My Mom’s house has two males and one female. The first male (from my sisters house) and female pretty much ignored each other but it was obvious the female was in charge when she wanted to be. My Mom then brought home another male kitten who now has full control over the house.

I guess im lucky my two boys get along so well. Makes for cuter pictures anyway =).
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This is a difficult question to answer...
HIJA gets more attention being the oldest, almost 17 + special care, she is the only one allowed on top of the table by my hubby
PANCHO - He also gets lots of attention having constipation problems
BABY - The youngest just gets all your attention with his play and love

Baby is definetely the ALFA cat, Hija is the Queen and Pancho a mid-age prince
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Stumpy has been my alpha male for the last 10 years. No questions about that one.

But Scarlett is queen of the household. While Stumpy runs the house, Scarlett rules the house (note my siggie). Scarlett even rules over DH and I.

For low man on the totem pole, that's very situational. Bob goes in and out and while outside, he's on equal terms with the cats in the colony. But inside, Stumpy aggressively dominates him.

In general, Oscar is the low man but only because he's so afraid of everything and never exerts himself. Even I have to draw him out of his shell.
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Twitch, deaf/toothless/front declawed....oh by golly she is da cat in my house! She only beats out nasty Ophelia Rose by a hair.....and that's just because she's bigger!

Lowest cat would be "Uncle" Dorian Grey....he's too dumb to bother.
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It`s hard to say because Kitty and Maisie don`t spend much time at all together but I would say that Kitty likes to think he is boss and gives it all the attitude but Maisie is the one who tells him to get lost so me thinks she is really the one in charge
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Coco and Meeko are my boss Cats. Coco and Meeko have always been the bosses.
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Willow is the head of our house!
she and beau compete occasionally but he gives up after a couple of smacks......
bottom of the pole is georgey he is the invisible cat
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When Demetri lived with my sisters cats he was certainly the top cat. Now with him, Farley and Ana there isn't one.
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Sadie is top cat with no questions here...She rules the house...Tigger is next and hemi follows as last!
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The top cat is Keli, the declawed cranky 11 year old calico. She knows all, sees all, and rules all! She can make the most obnoxious younger felines scurry for cover!

The bottom cat.... now that I don't really have.... I would say Bandit b/c she is the most timid, but then again, when anyone tries to pick on her, she will slap them silly and send them running. Maybe Bailey??? He is obnoxious and will bully any new cats that come in if they show any fear or trepidation of him, but if they so much as square off and look at him, he bolts! Jinxy OWNS Bailey! A mere eye roll will send Bailey racing to a different room, but then again, Bailey picks on Bandit and Shellbie..... It is a strange co-existance they all have! Everyone has control of a different number of other cats, but in turn, they are pretty much all controlled by yet another group of cats.... lol, I guess it is a democracy in action

Anyone have that type of household too?

Keli is definetly the top, but there really isn't an obvious bottom on the food chain here oddly enough.
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Well this used to be an easy question, but given Jordan's recent health problems there are days this does not always hold true.

#1 Jordan
#2 Isaac
#3 Maggie

And last but never least in my heart
#4 Levi (my sweet big boy)
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My cats are in a constant battle for supremecy. It's kind of funny how it varies from day to day.. Toby will never seek out Trina, but he'll let her lay on him sometimes. But that's only until my SO or I comes over to pet them. Either Toby will start swatting at Trina, who will run away, or Trina will attack Toby, who will run away. They're never happy to just snuggle when we're giving them attention. =(

Sometimes Trin will kick him off the bed, sometimes it's the other way around, but it's always funny.. Toby is grumpier than Trin is, though. He'll often hiss at her and storm angrily off.. though sometimes she just randomly attacks him. Sigh. I wish they could just get along sometimes! =(
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Oliver is top cat simply because Rocky has no interest in competing. Rocky's a simple cat; he just wants to be loved and cared for, and he doesn't care about status as long his Meowmy and his brother love him.

I imagine what they would say if they could talk:

(I get home from work and plop down on the couch. Rocky, being the empathic creature that he is, immediately comes to say hello and get love.)

Rocky: Hi Meowmy! How was your day!
Oliver (jumps up and shoves Rocky out of the way): Get out of here! I want some love, too!
Rocky: Whatever, Meowmy can pet both of us at the same time. (aside) Sheesh, my brother is so needy!
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Quincy, my older kitty, is top cat in our household--his attitude says it all. Quasar, 4 years younger, sometimes steps "out-of-line" and aggravates his big brother, and usually gets put in his place.
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I am fairly sure Pong is more alpha around here then Ping. Which I find kinda funny considering Ping is the oldest (2 in may) and a male and been here the longest (2 years). Pong is the youngest (1 around may) and female and been here the shortest (July will be a year).

Here are some examples:
  • When I give them something I was eating (like left over ice cream in my bowl or cereal milk) Ping will step back until Pong eats what she wants and then he will eat whats left.
  • Like the other night Ping was sleeping somewhere Pong wanted to sleep is messed with Ping until he got up and got in his spot. He sat there and looked at her and she kinda laid her ears flat off the side of her head and stared at him. He slowly moved backwards and found a different spot.

Just things like that make me think she really is the alpha around here.
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Wawa (M) and QT(F)I think. But he is constantly being challenged by the other boys - Ashley and Buddy. They young ones though are his supporting army. QT's authority is sometimes questioned by the girls. I am there to stop potential wars. So in my house, nobody listens to anybody except the human.
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JoJo, mostly because she was adopted first, and she's six months older than Jack. Jack tries to usurp her position as Alpha, but she is still queen. I treat her as such, and she behaves that way. The only time i think she lets him be top cat is during play. They're about the same size now (Jack was sick and underweight for a couple years), and when he gets playful, she usually rolls over on her back... I know with dogs, that's a sign of submission, but with cats, I think the same... so it depends on what day it is, what's happening, etc... but mostly JoJo the Queen.
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From the day she came into this household at 15 weeks old, Babycakes has been our top cat.....five pounds of fluff and attitude! Lowest cat on the totem pole? I'm not really sure about that one though!
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Tubee is top cat all the way, he gets what he wants always. But, that is also partly because the other two don't care. Root as many people know is very lazy, so he won't fight Tubee or Samba, and Samba never has anything the other two want, he sleeps in all the odd places, and eats on his own time.

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Cable is top cat, & i think Java is bottom... but sometimes it seems like it's Chip. but if Chip wants to get into bed w/me, & Java's already there, she'll leave so he can take her place.
Firefox hasn't settled on a place yet. Pixel is somewhere between Java & Cable - i think she's top over Chip, tho.
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That depends on the day and what they are doing.

Generally speaking - Kuce (our 15 year old) is the alpha cat, followed by Luvbug, then Lil' Jag. Kuce and Luvbug have a mutual understanding of each other and generally leave each other alone but the girls (Kuce and Lil' Jag) have their differences on occassion. At least LJ doesn't pull anything on Luvbug (he doesn't put up with it anyway from her - like he was her father - which he isn't.).

When Sphinx was alive he was definitely THE alpha cat.
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Originally Posted by rescuecatsrule View Post
I was just wondering this.

Who is the top cat and who is the bottom cat in your household?

I've only got the one cat so I can't answer (without the answer being obvious )

When I say multicat I mean 2 or more cats living in the same house.
Both Sugar and Spice are pretty equal. They both have thier spot on the bed, thier food bowls on the table and they both will correct the other if she is getting out of line. Now our foster at the moment - SHE is mean! Well - shes a momma so I have to give her some slack - but even is MAX looks at her funny she swat him across the face baring claws and all! (he;'s afraid of her)
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Mary rules the roost with an iron fist. She weighs all of 6 pounds on a good day but she has the heart of a lion. She makes sure the waste is covered in the box. She was 2 when the kittens came at 12 weeks. So she mothered them. What a strict mother she is. She taught them how to bury the waste deep in the box. She taught them food etiquette. We have three bowls so each eats and then according to Mary it is time to rotate. So they rotate.
She grooms them daily, still plays chase and will look utterly disgusted when one falls out of line. If she is cleaning herself or it is her 'me' time they know to give her wide berth or be sorry. The boys are twice her size but when they get out of line she will beat them up with her crafty fighting style. If she is really annoyed then she chases them under the bed and then sits there with her tail thumping. They peek out waiting for the coast to be clear. When it finally is, they trot away rather hastily to go to their cat tree and show Mary that they are good boys.
If her tail is thumping then they both stop in their tracks.
On the flip side she cuddles them, grooms them(when Seldon was sick she kept him clean)lets them have more treats and loves them with all of her heart. When Cleo was banished to the bedroom she went in to cuddle him and check on him. When he whined through the door she sat there until I let her go in and he stopped. She took on two ferals to keep them away from the house and her boys.
Seldon is the low man on the todem pole and that is because he is too darn nosey to care. While Cleo tries to ascend to supremacy Seldon is like yeah whatever I gotta go watch what my human mommy is doing. Fascinating stuff.
Mary is the sweetest lap cat who will nose kiss me, lower head for kisses and purr loud enough for the neighborhood to hear. She sleeps on me every night but she is Iron Mary when the time comes for it.
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