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It figures!

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Since Chynna had her dental surgery she's been very picky about her food.

I must have thrown out $40.00 in cat food this month because once opened, if Chynna won't eat it, it spoils in the fridge because Abby doesn't like soft food.

Yesterday Chynna ate a whole can of Friskies Beef Pate . I put about 1 tablespoon of water into it and she snarfed it down...twice.

Today all I had left in the cupboard by way of canned food was about 20 cans of Fancy Feast Grilled Salmon, which Chynna hasn't been eating lately either, and 6 tins of that k/d Feline, which Chynna absolutely hates.

I had plans to go to the store tomorrow to pick up more Friskies Beef Pate, and hoped that Chynna would be able to make do with the k/d Feline for today.

I come home from the gym and find that Chynna hasn't touched any of the k/d Feline food, even though I put some tuna juice on it. So my already skinny cat hasn't eaten today . We are going to get some snow tonight and given handi transits record of not being able to pick me up when it snows, I probably wouldn't get to the store until Friday, and there is no way my baby girl can wait until Friday for some food that she will eat.

So I mustered up some energy and took a walk to Safeway. It's about a 10 or 15 minute walk for the average person, but because I have to stop and rest along the way it took me a bit more than 1 hour to go there and come home. By the time I got home I must have resembled one of those wind up toys that slowly winds down until it completely stops!!

So what happens? I gave Chynna her plate of Beef Pate mixed the same way I did yesterday. She took a few licks and walked away. Abby was on the table indicating she wanted some Grilled Salmon (that's her signal), so I put some out for her. But she lost interest in that as soon as I opened the window.

Next thing I know Chynna is up on the table snarfing down the Fancy Feast Grilled Salmon!!!!! And not just the gravy! But I know had I offered it to her before I went to Safeway, she would have turned her nose up at it!!

The crazy things we do for our cats!
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That little stinker!
Thank goodness she's eating, but it sure would have been nice of her to do it BEFORE you walked to the store!
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yeah! No kidding!
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lol nothing can upset you more then a already to skinny cat, that does not seem to want to eat..

hmm or maybe she just wanted you to take walk tonight,
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Originally Posted by theimp98 View Post
hmm or maybe she just wanted you to take walk tonight,
Yeah well, when I get a treadmill I'm going to make her walk on it too!

I finally did manage to get her to eat the Friskies! She seems to eat better if I give her the plate of food on my bed!!! Now that is one spoiled girl! But I love her to itsy bitsy pieces And if she wants her breakfast, dinner and late night snack in my bed, who am I to turn her down.
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