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Amber, your bobcat is gorgeous. I must admit, I'd be a little scared to own one, but I think they are beautiful.
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lol I think I'd be scared too!! Is Amber an inside only bobcat?
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Amber, why would you buy a bobcat? I am just curious.
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CINDYSUE (3 1/2 Mos.)
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I love the close ups. I just posted a bunch in my own thread titled My whole crew, I think. Check them out. It sure brings out their personality!
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they are all so beautifull

My gosh Cindy Sue
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Originally posted by AmberThe Bobcat
It is legal in most states. I live in Ohio and checked with the state first. I did need to get a permit. You also need to check your local laws.
I'm glad to hear you checked everything out well before getting your beautiful bob cat. I have to admit that like a couple others have said, I'd be a bit nervous and scared to own a bob cat!
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Yes, Amber stays indoors at all times, unless we take her out on a leash and harness or for her car rides. As to why we have a bobcat? My wife and I breed Pixie Bobs. I don't know if anyone is familiar with a Pixie Bob, but as legend has it, they are part domestic and part bobcat. Pixies do get quite large, our male is 21 pounds. Our bobcat is not for breeding, she has been altered already. I just became more interested in bobcats after owning Pixies. There is no worry about owning one. She was not taken from the wild and they are very friendly. Bobcats tend to be more shy and are not very agressive, as compared to other wild cats. We bottle fed her as a kitten and they actually become very attached to you. They do, however, require a lot more work to take care of. They need more attention and play time and I admit, are not for everyone. You have to be very dedicated to her, almost like having children I think.
Here is another one of my Pixie bobs.
This is Little Roar
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Another one of my Pixie bobs. This is our male, Tommy Boy
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Everyone loves a kitten
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Just beautiful!!
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All of these furbabies are gorgeous!
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Mr. Underfoot

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Everyone's kitties are soo cute, and I just love that bobcat.

Mr. Underfoot is a very handsome boy!
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This is about as close as I can get with the Roxmeister before he tries to kill me..

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Ohh Roxy looks like he is about to kill you!
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He does not like the paparazzi.. Apparently I interrupted his all important butt licking schedule
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Roxy does have that look in his eyes Boy, I have seen that before too
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: Roxy is so handsome! He does look p.o.'ed, though!
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RHbarb-CindySue is too cute for words. I just want to pick her up and kiss her.

Everyone has such adorable cats.
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Originally posted by tuxedokitties
Mr. Underfoot

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LQQK at this face. And that tongue! WOW!!
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Wow I have been missing out . All of your kitties are very beautiful and great shots . I like the toung pic mzjazz
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love the tongue!
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Awwwwww...love them all, but especially the last pic!
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The evil kittyThis is Katrina

This is Cinnamon
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omg they are all very pretty and great shots . I love them pictures and this is a great thread
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