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Oh so dirty

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I got up this morning and went to the bathroom and then to my computer(like I always do). About twenty minutes Tom rubs my legs which usually means he wants to be picked up and held for a little bit. So I pick him up and he starts to purr loudly and then when I put him on his back in my arms(baby position) he latches onto my hand and starts licking my fingers giving me this look that says "You are so dirty, I must clean you up." He licked the entire hand and wouldn't let go until he was done(though I was to busy laughing to really try that hard).
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Hahaha...humans are just dirty creatures!
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That`s so funny! My two never do anything like that. They`d rather savage my hand
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That's so cute. The only cat I know that does that is one of the cats at our local pet store (Rosie). She'll put her paws right around my wrist to pull my hand in and hold it so she can lick, lick, lick.
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