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Oliver made a nest!

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So earlier today I took my sheets off my bed in order to wash them and put new clean sheets on my bed... instead of putting the dirty sheets in the hamper and taking up the whole hamper, I stuck them in a pile next to the hamper on the floor (right near the top of the steps).... I went downstairs for a little and when I came back up to potty later, I found that Oliver had made a nice nest out of the sheets on the floor, plopped in the middle of them and nicely tucked himself in he has A MILLION places he's "supposed" to sleep but he made one of his own... I took a few pics but I didn't dump them yet - I will tomorrow and post the link... it was soooo cute and he stayed there ALL night until just recently! Of course I couldn't make him move... plus, we were watching playoff hockey (which went into 2 over times until we won!) downstairs and all of our hootin and hollerin during sporting events scares Oliver, so he usually retreats upstairs anyhow during games... it's funny just cuz we pile dirty laundry on either side of the hamper the night before laundry day (to seperate colors) in the same spot as the sheets were and he's never made a nest out of them.. he never ceases to entertain!
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Aww, that's cute. Can't wait to see the pictures!
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Adorable. He is a cutie pie.
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Ok, here's the link to Oliver's photobucket album... for some reason when I uploaded the pics, it stuck the one's of him being the Philly Phanatic in the middle of the nest ones... I don't know why! haha
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This morning as I was getting ready for work, I saw Rocky had made a nest out of the jeans I wore yesterday. Wish I'd gotten a picture!
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What is with the boys "nesting"? hahaha it is so cute though!

If I don't have my good camera, my blackberry is usually on me and I can snap cute pictures with that, they're just not as good
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Aww, he has made his own little nest, I bet he loved it.
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He looks so very comfy
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He was very comfy!

Lucky for me he exited on his own accord and the sheets were able to be picked up and put in the wash while he and I were sleeping the next morning (thanks mom! haha)... I just can't bear to remove him from such cuteness lol
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