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Injured feral

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Kabota was lying in the yard this morning meowing- which is not typical for him, as he always runs to greet me. I went over and called to him, and he did not move So I picked him up and walked with him in the house, feeling all over looking for bites, wounds etc..nothing.

Got him in and mike held him while I did a complete exam on him. He has some heat on his back right leg and can do no weight bearing at all. But nothing is broken. I brought down a carrier and opened the door and covered the top and he hopped in and settled right down- another indication he doesn't feel good.

I gave him some medicine after talking to the vet and he ate the food I offered him. But just say a prayer for this boy would you? He is Shredder's brother and I just want him well!
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Sending get healthy and happy thoughts to Kabota, and to you too. Ivo sends purrs.
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Wow, what a handsome guy he is!

Sending prayers and wishes, and headbumps to Kabota from my gang.
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I hope it's nothing serious!! Purrs, hugs and healthy energy going out to Kabota.
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i pray for speedy recovery for Kabota, and that all will be going very well for him soon. i hope it is nothing severe.

i will be just as heart-broken if something was to happen to any of my furbabies... oh
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How is Kabota feeling today? I was thinking about him and you last night. Any news?
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Kabota is doing better! He came out of the carrier this morning on his own speed and is putting the weight on his leg again. I think he must of twisted it going over the fence or something, but right now he is sleeping on Mike's lap (Mike is crashed in the chair) and Kabota is the lap warmer.
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Oh poor Kabota! Glad to hear he's feeling better though . Always nice to have a good lap warmer around.

MA - my heart skipped a beat when I saw Kabota's pic. With a little less hair, he looks so much like Booger! I miss my Booger girl.
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I'm so glad he's doing better! He looks like a very skilled lap warmer to me.
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glad he is doing better!! what a pretty kitty!
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I'm glad to see Kabota is feeling better! Poor little guy...he must have been feeling pretty bad! BTW, he is gorgeous!!!!!
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I'd tell him you said so, but his head is quite big enough! He is a wonderful kitty. He and his brother were bottle fed as their mom was sick with distemper. We named him Tractor Butt early on because he was so big he used to just plow into his brother trying to take the bottle away from him. Then we just named him Kabota, because that is a popular brand of tractor out here, and he and his brother were found in a barn full of old tractors.
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Just saw this thread now Hissy. Glad everything turned out!

Tractor Butt....too funny!

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Hissy. He is beautful!Glad he is better!
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He's had a relapse. Last night he came in again limping. I captured him and wrapped him in a towel and held him while mike explored his limbs. It looks like his biggest source of pain is the second claw on his paw, but I see nothing? I confined him and this morning, he would not walk on his leg at all and kept growling at me, which is so unlike him. I called the vet and the earlies they can see him is at 3:00. I just fed him and he growled the entire time he was eating. He was also chuffing afterwards. I am so worried, he is as I said Shredder's brother. I am going to wait until the vet returns from lunch and ask if they can see him earlier. He needs to go in now!
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Oh no! Sending some healing energy to Kabota. I hope your vet can see him immediately.
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Good thoughts for you and healing prayers for Kabota
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Just returned. Kabota got bit by something a spider they believe. They found the bite and opened it up and it was nasty. They have him on a round of aggressive antibiotics, he is woozy and with fever but he is home.
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Well, at least they found out what's wrong, that's a good start. Sending good vibes and purrs from Willie and I.
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I am so happy to hear he is going to be ok!
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How scary! Poor Kabota...I hope everything turns out ok for him. Thank God you got him to the Vet as soon as you did. Keep us posted MA...we're all worried about him too!
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my dog nanook got bit by a spider once spider bits are soooo nasty!! hope your pretty guy is feeling better soon!
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Hissy what kind of spider bite's are we talking about? All spider's? I never had a cat or dog bite by a spider,so I would't know what to look for! Thanks Sherral
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The vet said that with all spiders and animals there is a toxicity problem- just to a small extreme though. The toxic spiders here in Oregon are the Brown Recluse and the Black Widow spider. Without actually seeing and capturing the spider that bit him, there is no way of knowing. He got a cortisone shot yesterday and is on 100 mg's of antibiotic and pain paste every 12 hours. His fever has dropped, but his paw still looks nasty, I have been putting wet compresses on it as he can tolerate it, which isn't for a very long period of time.
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I think I will have to find out what kinds of them we have here!!
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Just an update-

Been an up and down kind of time with Kabota. I had to take him in yesterday for fluids and debreeding. His fever finally broke, but his paw began to turn really red, both on the top and the bottom as well. Really hot to the touch, so I was putting wet compresses on it. I was warned that if the bite was toxic enough, he could experience temp. paralysis and if the paw got really cold to rush him back in.

This morning, he is better. He can now bear some weight on his back leg, though it is still hot to the touch. He is demanding to be let out- but I told him sorry- no can do. He still has a week left in confinement before I can release him. The vet said that though he is optimistic, this type of bite can rebound and he can relapse at any time. But based on what I saw this morning, I remain hopeful. I started reading to him from a new book I picked up the other day Prey by Michael Crichton- Kabota seems to enjoy story hour...
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awww poor little guy! Sounds like he is doing alot better. I bet he will be a happy boy when he can go back outside!
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MA, I'm so sorry to hear that it's been up and down with Kabota. Of course it's great to hear he's doing better now, and since you wrote this a few days ago, I can only pray that he has continued to heal and will be ready to go when the original date of confinement is lifted!

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I'll continue to keep a prayer going for the beautiful Kabota.

Everytime I hear of something like this I think of my Mum's poor kitty who got attacked by something, and ended up dying of blood-poisoning.

So with that in mind keep a good cloes eye on your boy, he looks like a real precious gem.
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