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Damita Mae

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Damita died about 11:15PM tonight.

I'm sorry my girl....I'm sorry you never got to be healthy. I'm sorry I put you through all those vet visits.

I was right....it had to have been neurological.....never had a seizure before in your life & the first was fatal.

Play happily over the Rainbow Bridge. I may have only enjoyed you for 3 years, but those were the best 3 years of my life.

Pictures of the good times....before you got so sick

You absolutely adored Pat's Kirby Sticks

Your "Uncle Dorian" took such good care of you

3 years ago, when I first got you

My favorite picture

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Oh, honey I'm so sorry. I had no idea she was near that sick. I just don't know what to say.
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I'm so very sorry. Rest in peace sweet Damita
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Oh my gosh, Natalie. My heart is just breaking with this sad news. Damita had a wonderful 3 years with you and your clan too, it was a wonderful time in her life too.

Play happily at the Bridge sweet Damita Mae. Now you can see just how handsome Dorian is, but you could always feel how loved you are by Meowmy Nat and Dorian Grey (even if he is a Dorky Fish ).
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Oh Nat, I'm so, so sorry! Rest in peace Damita.
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son-of-a-itch Natalie- I am so soo sorry. Had hoped you would make it to the feline specialist before this time.
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So sorry about your Cat. She was so pretty.
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I am so sorry for you .... RIP Damita Mae
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Aw, Nat. I'm so so sorry. I have no words.

RIP sweet Damita Mae
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I am so sorry. It must be so hard after all your efforts to get her right.
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I'm sure she chose you to spend her last three years with. Cats know all kinds of things, including how to pick the best humans to love and care for them, particularly when they are ill. Let your remaining cats guide you through your grief.
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I'm so saddened to hear about Damita. I'm so sorry.
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Oh I am so sorry...what lovely pictures, what a lovely girl.

RIP Damita
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i'm so terribly sorry to hear about damita mae. she will always be with you.

RIP sweet girl.
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Oh my god, i haven't been on in days, i just last remember your post on her going for a checkup on her health. Oh poor baby

I'm so sorry! She was such a beautiful creature Oh sweetie

I'm sending you and the other furbabies lots of and and
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Natalie, I'm so, so very sorry. I will say a prayer for Damita Mae's sweet little soul, and a prayer for you to find some peace during this difficult time.
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Oh my goodness Nat. Never did i expect to come into the office to see your little girl in here, i'm so sorry

Everyone knows you did your best for her Nat so please don't be too hard on yourself. Damita was loved and she knew it

Run and play over the bridge Damita Mae. Your mums going to miss you so much

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Oh no!! I am so sorry Nat!!!

May Damita play happily on the other side!!!
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Oh Nat, I didn't want to even look at this thread because I recognized the name immediately.....

I am so sorry....may the beautiful girl RIP
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I'm so sorry, Nat. She had a few extra years of love because of you. Most people would not take a chance on a cat with her issues.

Run and play happily over the Bridge, Damita Jo. You'll always be that name to me.
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Oh, Nat, I am so sorry for your loss, just know that Damita Mae is 100% better now. You are in my thoughts and prayers. RIP Damita Mae.
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Awww Nat, I am so sorry You did SO much for her Nat and now you have a little angel in Heaven watching out for you Damita is pain free now
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My heart broke when I saw her name here. It may have been too short but she had a better life than some cats even dream of... You made a beautiful tribute to her and she will forever be with you!

May you finally know what it's like to not be sick Damita! Go play and remember to keep and eye on meowmy!
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Oh my...So sorry to hear about Damita May Damita Rest in Peace
Your photo tribute to her was so sweet...She was such a beautiful torti
Play happily over the rainbow bridge sweet girl & make many furry friends...
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I just don't even know what to say. I am in tears reading this. You did so much for that girl and gave her 3 wonderful years full of love and joy. She is at peace now and free from her pain.

Run free at the bridge, dear girl.
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I am in tears reading that your beautiful girl has left you. You have done so much for her and I admire your tenacity with all of your furbabies.

Damita, run and play and see the gorgeous sunshine! Keep watch over mommy, she misses you.

Fly swiftly little one...
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I'm so sorry, Nat. Damita was a such a beautiful girl and you gave her so much love and care. Thinking of both of you.
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I'm sorry to hear about your beautiful kitty.
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Oh Nat I'm so sorry to see this

RIP Damita Mae
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It was her time - she struggled so much in her earthly body and with love, you went above and beyond to make her life the very best one possible.

Damita Mae can SEE now, and she will always be looking out for you and the furbabies you care for.

She was an angel here on earth, and now she's scampering happily under the warm rays of sunshine just past rainbow bridge.
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