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I work with developmentally disabled adults. My cat is a former feral who I adopted at 7.5 weeks old; he was living outside one of my clients' homes after being abandoned by his feral mother at 5 weeks.

After taking in K-Pants, I found out that there are several stray/feral/unaltered outdoor cats that hang around their home. One of them has been having litter after litter for years; my client's mom told me that her name is Angel and she was left behind when her "owners" moved Angel is K-Pants' grandmother.

Well, to make a long story short, I hooked up with a rescue, and when I went to see my client today, Angel and her 2.5 week old kitten (the only one this time; or, the only surviving one) were hanging out on his back porch in a box he and his mom had put together for them. I went and got my carrier, caught mom and baby with no fuss, and promptly took them to the vet affiliated with the rescue.

When she weans this kitten, Angel will no longer have to have any more kittens. She and her baby will have a forever home (possibly with my aunt, who was my contact within the rescue and who is trying to convince her husband to take them ), and I will sleep a lot easier at night knowing that she's safe.

I did take a picture of her, but it was with my cell and I don't have the cord I need to put it on the computer. She's a beautiful patched tabby, and her baby is a gray tabby with lots of white. I think he's a boy.