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I read about the diabetic. My vet explained to me, that maybe there is something out there trickering these attacks and she may be fine for a while with this shot or she may need one soon again. Since shes about 9 her age could just be the reason for the Asthma. I guess we just have to wait and see, but I will talk to her about the diabetic.
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I took her in on Friday, the vet told me she has Asthma and gave her the shot. Since last night we are back were we started, like she never received any treatment. I won't be able to take her back in until Saturday, I work full time. Antyhign I can do in the mean time?
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Is there any way that your vet would let you drop her off on your way to work, so she can get treatment sooner rather than later?
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By the time I leave they are not even open yet. My neighbor is checking on her and right now she hasn't had another attack, she is congested so. Why didnt the shot last longer?
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The last Depo Shot Coco I thought didnt help Coco at first but then it did. Sometimes when Cocos Asthma acts up she needs antibiotics because she ends up with a bad Cold. That is what happened last Month with her. I would not get her another Shot right now. My Vet only allows them every 6 Months. Cocos Asthma is acting up on and off right now but she dosent need a Vet right now. How bad is her Asthma acting up?
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Last night she wasn't bad. She sounded a bit congested but only had a short cough that I heard. Not sure how she will be when I get home so. I didn't choose the inhaler that people are talking about because I am gone from 7 in the morning until 6 at night, whos is giving it to her? MY vet calls periodicly to check on her, I will let them know that she is getting worth again.
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Its ok Coco isnt on the Inhaler either. There is another option Pred Pills. Coco has taken them before. You give it before you go to work. I just have them if her Asthma acts up and we cant get to the Vet. I am thinking about the Inhaler because it has less side effects. Coco has had Asthma for years too.
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The vet said right now it could be something that s in teh air that triggered her Asthma to come out, the shot will let her body know not to react. Since this is the first time since I have her, we have to start treatment somewhere. She also mentioned some pills, but I cannot recall the name. She said Asthma was very common in older cats. Old girl was estimated to be 9, she may even be older.
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Coco is 16. It can be Pollen and stuff causing it. The Pills should be Pred. Coco had those before she had the Depo Shot. I like the Shot better because it is easier then giving pills. I never heard of it being common in old Cats. None of my friends old Cats ever had it. Spring is on of the worse times for Asthma to act up.
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Before I talked to you guys I didn't even know there was such a thing as Asthma in cats. I guess what the vet ment is that it shows more often in older felines than younger ones. I was worried too that it may have been something contagious, since I have 2 other cats, but thank god it is not, even so I am not happy with the diagnostic either. i am trying to place her in a good home through a rescue and it is already hard being that she is older, but now she has the condition which is another set back most likely. We will have to wait and see.
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To bad We do not have a House yet. I would take her if we did. I know what to do for Cats with Asthma. We are at our limit right now.
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It is not that I wouldn't want to keep her, but she is not and won't be after all this time getting along with my 2 cats and my dog, they fight any chance they get. My 2 year old male is just looking for a chance to mess with her. My dog loves cats, she got wagged several times and finally got the message. I know she isnt too happy with all the other pets, but I cant help it. She has to deal with it.
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Hello everyone not sure if this will help but it helped me when i had no clue what cat asthma was they have some videos talking about the symptoms how to apply the aerokat and videos showing what coughing from asthma looks like not hairballs.

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