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Vibes for Rosie please

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Some of you may have seen pics of one of my fosters Rosie. She is 15, and i suspect she has kidney issues, so we have taken her off the rehoming list today, and she is going to live her life out here. I do feel slightly guilty, as she isn't truly happy here, so I dont expect her to be here that long. I am going to pop her to the vets next week to have bloods done and see what the vet thinks - her belly doesn't feel great either, I am going to re-worm her tomorrow. She doesn't do much other than sleep and eat, so I need to do something with her to get her walking more, or she is going to suffer muscle wastage.

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Poor girl. Even if she isn't happiest with you, she has a place to call home.
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Thanks - her owners emigrated and thought she was perfectly healthy. I hope that her bloods aren't as bad as I think.
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I hope she is ok. I have had Cays wth Crf tht were younger then her.
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She's a beautiful girl. I am sending prayers and vibes.
Maybe she will be happy with you in time. I hope that her blood work and everything else works out well for Rosie.
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Sending lots of vibes for Rosie. She's a lucky girl to be able to live out the rest of her life with you.
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Sending lots of vibes for Rosie!
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poor Rosie lots of vibes for her
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Thanks everyone, I would be awfully surprise if her bloods were fine to be honest, and I hope she has enough time here to accept the others. She is much brighter this morning than she has been all week, so I am much happier about her now. Just feel a bit mean about keeping her when she doesn't like other cats, but if she has any health issues, rehoming her isn't fair either.
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we have just got back from the vets - her blood results show that she has kidney failure. It isn't the worst they have seen (I will post results later), but i will just be providing short term palliative care, as she isn't truly happy here, but she is eating well, so while she is eating, and no signs of vomiting, and looking perky, so she will be spoilt.

I hate being right at times, and am annoyed with her owners, they thought she was perfectly healthy, and if they had had her tested (or I had thought to get them to do it), she wouldnt have had to go through the stress of being moved, and put up with not being happy, and could have gone with people that she knew and loved.
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Poor girl.
I hope she gets better. Maybe she is grouchy with the others because she is ailing.
They should have had her checked before they left. You are absolutely right.
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Thanjks, but sadly she wont get better, kidney failure isn't treatable, only manageable, and as she isn't truly happy here, it isn't fair to try and manage it to buy her time.
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Just realised I hadn't posted her results. I think I will be playing this one by ear, she is eating well and content in the bathroom, and had a potter outside yesterday, but I am under no illusions that she will be a long term cat, as she is living in a bathroom.

Urea 20.3 (5.7-12.9)
Chol 5.92 (1.68-5.81)
Crea 252 (71-212)
Glob 58 (28-51)

So not the worst, but still not good - one table I found yesterday indicated that she is just in Stage 3.
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aww poor Rosie my thoughts and prayers are with you Rosie
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Thanks. She is off the renal food again, she was acting really hungry on it cos she wasn't eating enough, so back on whatever she wants to eat, I would rather her be happy with her food and not have as long. I have been letting her have some fresh air to, so either that or the fact she has been here 5 weeks now has made a difference to her.
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That is what I did too. I let Olivier eat all his faves before I had to eu him. He was so happy to have them. It has been 2 years and I still get teary about him.
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i think it is the best way at times.
We have had an absolutely excellent night, and if she carries on like this, she could have months, and not weeks. She didn't take any notice of the renal dry I got - I have done two trips to the vets and two trips to the supermarket this week just for her!! She does love the HiLife chicken, just waiting to see if it agrees with her tum. I have tried FElix senior tins, but it was beef flavour and she wasn't over keen. I have to be careful what I give her with her tum, she can't afford diarrhea. Some of the food MArk mentions I can't get as I have only found my nearest Sainsbury's when I was lost. I am going to PAH on Sat though, so shall see what they have. I would ideally like a high meat content (as that is the only reason the girls don't get Senior), but the only one I know of is HiLife tins - but they are £3 something for 8 small tins, and very hard to get hold of.
Tonight, she has been outside, then I put Rolo in the kitchen, she had a wander round the front room and then sat on the stairs, I got ehr a couple of catnip drops, she went bonkers over them, then gave her the catnip ball (fell down the stairs!), a mousey, whcih she liked till that fell down the stairs, and then the tail tickler came out - she loves the tail tickler, has had two plays with that (I will post pics over the weekend), then another wander round the front room, found the catnip ball again, then settled on the stairs, she was on the stairs for at least 25 mins, plus her time wandering outside and in the front room.
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WEll, she ate some of her mixture of RC Renal, JWB and Whiskas crunch during the day, wolfed her Whiskas Oh so, I took her downstairs, she didn't want to go out, but happily stayed on the stairs for well over an hour, first playing with her toys - n o catnip needed (I will need new ones, her idea of playing is pullig the feathers out!!), then happily sleeping, so I think she decided to prove me wrong. Either she just needed some more time to settle, or it was the outdoor access she was missing - she does still spend more time in the bathroom, but is much more alert now.
I had to go to the vets (again, 3rd trip this week!!), and the vet was about, as it was going home time, so I got a few mins chat, she said she wasn't surprised that Rosie wouldnt eat the food, which is why she only gave me a small amount (i'd hate to see her large amounts, there were 8 pouches and 2 alutrays!!), I asked about the Tuna pouches, and she said they have some at the other branch, so will pick some up for me tomorrow, and I can pick them up next week - we already have an app, she will have to wait till then, I Dont want to do 2 trips next week as well. She has eaten some Whiskas senior tonight, but loves the HiLife and Whiskas Oh So chicken, so I might just leave her on that. Now for the best bit - pics!!

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Rosie looks very charming and seems to be enjoying herself. I'm glad you are taking such good care of her. Sending vibes as well
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Thanks - we had an excellent day yesterday, I got a good deal at the Petshop, so she has some new toys - she loves to play, although was a bit skittish - but her owners said she didn't play, which I found sad, my 15yo and 17yo do.

She had a really good play session when I went to say night to her, until I ruined things by putting the mousey in water. Nothing is where it was left when I said night, so she must have played overnight. I also had a shock this morning, I spotted Moses on the landing, so went to put her back in the cat room before i did anything, she wouldn't go though, and when I turned round, Rosie was in there!! She then had a potter on the landing, sniffed zi - they both spat at the same time, but at least they had a few seconds nosesniff first. Another potter, and I found her on the second step of the stairs, so she is realising she can go down them on her own. She polished off the first half pouch i gave her, so gave her the rest - am glad she is eating so well. More pics of her iwth her new toys.

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Why is she not happy there? Fostering is a loving gesture. I send love and white lite and lots of hugs. You are an animal angel.
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Well, I didn't think she was truly happy as she would only ever stay in the bathroom, and didn't do anything but eat and sleep, but she has done a turn around since then - she has spent most of hte afternoon on the stairs (I had to take her down the first time, but then she came down of her own accord the second), and I have found things she likes to play with, despite her owners saying she didn't play. Thanks for the nice comments, I love fostering.
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Rosie is doing well in herself, but I have found a lump near her ear. Fortunately, we are at the vets tomorrow anyway, so I shall bring it up then.
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Well, the lump turned out to be a cyst, and she is still doing really well, and has even put on some weight. Had a vet visit on Sat, she has a terribly gassy tummy, but she wont tolerate meds for it, and she does have bad arthritis, which I am trying to work on at the moment. Looks like we might have a good summer, and I will have to see what happens at the end of it really.
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That's good news still, things sound promising a bit at least.
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Did Rosie's previous owners speak a different language?
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Thanks, she is a completely different cat now - she loves to play (mind you, that is partly due to catnip!!).
Aircraft - no, why?
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Fantastic news!!!
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Glad she is feeling better
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Maybe now she will warm up some more. I am so glad she is going to be ok.
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