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Originally Posted by SwampWitch View Post
H. P. Lovecraft, Nick Cave, Final Fantasy VII Advent Children
Seems like we'd get along perfectly. xD H.P. Lovecraft is probably one of my biggest obsessions right now. But literature in general is too.

Ask for my other obsessions...horror movies especially the cheesy, campy ones. Gabriel Byrne films. xD Johnnie Dillinger, South Park.
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Originally Posted by CarolPetunia View Post
I also love anything with a ginkgo leaf motif, but I've had very little luck finding such things -- so far, I only have the ginkgo leaf earrings I beaded myself a few years ago, and a sterling silver ring that's cast from a real ginkgo leaf. But I'm working on it!
I saw some ginkgo leaf dishes and other decorative items last Saturday at one of the stores in the mall - JCPennys or Dillards. I immediately thought of you.
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Cat dishes/bowls. My cats have an entire section of the cabinet for their dishes. I suppose it's at least an useful thing to collect.

I also like to look at the latest cat toys. When on sale/clearance they often come home with me. If after a while the cats don't play with them I pass them on--either with cat lovers I know or the shelter.

I have my Breyer model horse collection, but I really need to do something about it. I just don't have the energy to sell it myself, and at most display 10 at a time. I sold a few things off myself, but it was a royal pain.
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Hmm...an obsession other then cats...My latest obsession is buying different kind of picture frames, taking photos to put in those frames, & buying pictures of a variety of animals, especially baby animals.
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Books! Books! Books!
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Baseball, B-movies and DXing (trying to get distant TV and radio signals). Baseball and radio DXing fit because in a time before cable TV that's the only way I could follow teams that aren't the Red Sox. Now that it's harder to get distant radio stations due to IBOC (a form of HD radio for AM signals) and the CBC moving most of their stations to FM I do TV DXing with my external high definition tuner.

As for B-movies right now I'm into 50s and 60s rock movies. TCM is running some of my favorites this month - "Fastest Guitar Alive" (Roy Orbison's only movie), "Bop Girl Goes Calypso" and "Get Yourself A College Girl".
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I would say travelling. Nothing I enjoy more is a journey out of town or better yet out of the state.
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Originally Posted by strange_wings View Post
I saw some ginkgo leaf dishes and other decorative items last Saturday at one of the stores in the mall - JCPennys or Dillards. I immediately thought of you.
Aw, you're so nice! I never go to the mall, but my mom just loves to, so I'll have to go with her one of these days and check that out. Thanks!
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I think I'm addicted to TCS, lol! I have a serious collection of books, all things cat, a gazillion CD/s, vinyl records and sheet music. But like Heidi said, my" obsessions" change every few years.....mostly crafting things with me, I think I've gone through periods of making just about everything under the sun, including dolls, animals, clothes, quilts, you name it. Currently, though, I'm enthused with miniatures....dollhouses and the things that go in them......mind you, this is like model railroads....very detail oriented and can get very expensive to buy, ergo, my creative side comes out. I'm currently reworking my child hood dollhouse but want a new kit when I get this one done. Would love to do something like the link i'm about to post, but there is no way i'd ever have that kind of money.......and for the record, 1/12 scale in miniatures means that one foot in real life is one inch in miniatures....
Check this out though, its awesome even if you're not really into miniatures...
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Parrots. I am always reading something about them and I don't know what I would do without them in my life. I am also addicted to buying bird stuff (toys lol) and making them toys (I have a huge collection of toy parts).

I am also addicted to the computer. I belong to several forums (a few parrot ones and 2 cat ones including this one), have 2 blogs and my own chat room.
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My Harley-Davidson and riding, riding, riding!
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1. My husband Seriously!

2. Purses and bags....I have so many of them and if I'm at the store I just have to look at them and usualy end up buying another one!

3. The Boston Red Sox!! Can't get enough of them!

4. Coming to TCS!

5. Playing Scrabble.

I'm sure I have more, but those are my top ones!
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I love fiber, like wool, bamboo, silk. I spin, weave, knit and have an antique sock machine. Spring is time for sheep and wool festivals and I love going to see the sheep and get a wool fix.
I have not, and do not intend to use cat or dog hair for yarn, I prefer to vacuum it.
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Originally Posted by oOoMissEoOo View Post
I would say travelling. Nothing I enjoy more is a journey out of town or better yet out of the state.

That's another thing I'm addicted to! There are so many places I'd love to see & enjoy before I die. I NEVER get tired of travelling!

I also love to collect knick-knacks & windchimes, and cool photo frames for all the pics I have. But I HATE having to dust them all!

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Yea, if I go too long in one place I go nuts. My big trips for the past year were North Carolina, Washington DC, and Las Vegas. Then I'm moving in Sept.

We have very tentative plans to go to Europe next summer, so I might have to stick close to home for a while.
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I have several addictions:

1. I love Office supplies of all kind. A little cooky

2. History on the Civil War - Can't get enough

3. Love to buy Baby stuff - I don't have any babies so I go crazy with friends who have babies and relatives.

I guess I have a bit of an obession of whether there are ghosts/spirits out here on this earthly plane.

Ok so maybe I am a little out there!!!!!!
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mine are
books - have around 800 that i haven't read yet (plus all the ones i've read)
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e-Bay. 'Nuff said.
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Another addiction of mine is online forums.
I belong to about 20 or so!
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Another one, which annoys my husband for some reason, is medical stuff - particularly anything odd. I find anything related to Dysautonomia disorders to be very interesting - there's so many things that can mess up the nervous system and when that happens everything else goes haywire. Luckily I'm on a dysautonomia forum so there's at least some people to discuss it with.
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Originally Posted by CATTYBIRD View Post
Books! Books! Books!
I collect certain authors I like, but will read just about anything. my DH collects old HBO Guides.
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mice and fish
if i see a fish i want it (alive fish)
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Nicotine, caffeine, music, video games, and the interwebs.
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Originally Posted by megagene View Post
Nicotine, caffeine, music, video games, and the interwebs.
Oh gosh... your wonderful sig makes me think of a great comedy thing from back in the '80s --

It was a parody of Rolling Stone magazine, titled "Like A Rolling Stone." On the cover was a picture of Bob Dylan holding up a Trivial Pursuit question card. And the questions on the card were:

* How many roads must a man walk down?

* How many seas must a white dove sail?

* How many times must the cannonballs fly?

* How does it feeeeeel?

If you're not over 40, or you're not into Dylan, you probably won't really get the genius of that... but oh, it leaves me in a helpless little giggling heap.
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dogs, books, reptiles, researching, cleaning, Internet, writing, walking & bike riding, and homemaking fresh healthy meals/snacks -for all animals as well as for the humans in the house, the X-files
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My obsession is Fleetwood Mac, and any artists that was in the band.
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Originally Posted by Pookie-poo View Post
e-Bay. 'Nuff said.

You don't have to say anything else. With me it's JTV.. I feel your pain!

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My DS Lite, FreeCell, Crosswords...lotion...FoodNetwork and all cooking shows like Hell's Kitchen and Top Chef.
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nail polish.... Pretty nail stuff... stickers, gems, colors to add to the collection! It all has to be for real nails though, because mine are real! I bought 6 nail polished the other day! Thank goodness it only cost me $9!! They were on clearence, I can't really afford to buy a bunch otherwise! I have the special line nail polishes so you can do your own french manicures, or in my case, I use a silver glitter line, then do the tips pink, and leave the tops of the nail with just a couple layers of a clear topcoat!! It relaxes me to do my nails I guess!
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I love cute shoes and purses.. and clothes, of course.
I also love good books.. especially manga. And good music. I love japanese music.

Oh, and I love the internet.. and attemping to learn programming stuff. And I really love Mac computers.. I don't ever want to use a PC again.. unless I have to. And that would still make me sad.
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