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PaPurr litter?

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I was just at the petstore yesterday and I saw a kind of litter I have never seen before. It's called PaPurr and is made of recycled paper but it looks just like clay litter. Have any of you guys used it? I'm thinking I might try to switch my cats over to it since theoretically it should be better for them then clay litter.

Here's a link to their site.
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I hated that litter. It didn't clump. Did nothing for odor, I swear it made their poop stink worse! Tracked madly, it was all over everywhere in the room I had the LB.
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
I hated that litter. It didn't clump. Did nothing for odor, I swear it made their poop stink worse! Tracked madly, it was all over everywhere in the room I had the LB.
Lol, thanks for the warning! I think I might try it with the bunnies because Lilly doesn't like the clumpy litter I use right now but I will probably stay away from using it with the cats then.
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Sounds like the Yesterday News litter that is similar - maybe another company is copying the idea?
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Yesterday's News is pellets, the PaPurr is tiny little granules. Think very fine clay, comparable the red tub Tidy cats.
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I tried the papurr "scoop" (the clumping version). My reasons for trying it were as follows:
1. Cheaper than WBCL, yet still enviromentally friendly.
2. Clumps, also has low odor (i.e. not perfumy).
3. Texture looked like my cats would like it.
4. Still lighter weight than clay, so would work in my omega paws rollaway box well.

The pros:
1. It is all of the above.
2. Is not very dusty...has very little dust.
3. It is heavier than, say, FP scoop, so not AS easy to kick out of the box.

The cons:
1. Clumping is poor...Got huge, loose clumps due to it not absorbing the water fast enough (urine spread to the bottom of the box and in a large flat clump before it hardens).
2. Because of the soft clumps, you get lots of "pieces"
3. Again, because of #1, sticks somewhat to the bottom of the box.
4. Doesn't do much, if anything, for odors.

So, there's my review of it... I ended up mixing it with WBCL and that helped the cllumping somewhat, although it still didn't clump as firm as WBCL by itself. Now I'm using FP scoop (clumping) and it clumps much better and does a better job on odor.

You can try it, but my advice would be try the FP scoop instead...if you can put up with the pine dust / tracking, it is pretty good and is cheaper than the papurr scoop.

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I stopped in a Petco on Saturday.
Seen Papurr Large bag clearance $4.00
So the price/clearance - obviously not a good seller. Didn't but it
and waste my dollars, I think I had read before
it was terrible.
I have never tried it myself.
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I've never tried the Feline Pine before but I know that I don't like litters with strong pine scents. Is the scent really strong on that one?
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Feline Pine does smell strong. I just started using it again & my family cannot tolerate the smell well, it drives them nuts!
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I hate perfumy litters as well, so here's my take on the "pine scent" with FP... Right after you open the bag/box, have your head right over the cat box, etc. There is a noticable pine scent. But, if you are, say, 10ft. away from the box, I can't smell it. It is more of a natural pine smell vs. added pine scent. i.e. I purchased some corn-based pine-scented litter (fresh idea or something like that) at walmart. The stuff reeked of pine perfumy smell (you could tell it had been added). The FP isn't nearly that strong. My advice would be to try a small box (4lbs at ~$4 here..same as about 25lbs of clay) and see what you think.

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