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My friends say they're cute

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I have been drawing them for years... everywhere... My friends and coworkers liked them a lot. Now everyone can see them. My cats, of course
Here: http://www.cafeshops.com/coolcatsgifts

I am not sure if I figured out how to add signature... let's see...
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That's really cute stuff! Oh, and the link from the image does work in your signature.
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Elena, those are quite adorable.
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Elena you should list with our sister site www.meowhoo.com Under Cat Themed Gifts- Clothing & Apparel.

Those are adorable, and because you have a cat-related business, you are entitled to one free basic listing with us. You just need to register first.
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Great kitty graphics! You're very talented. I bookmarked your site to take a gander when I'm not so broke Best wishes, and welcome!
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Very cute stuff!!!!! You are very talented!!!!
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Very cool, Elena...


i think you are very talented. i like your kitty drawing!

Could you share with me HOW you place your kitty picture as a signature?? i have been banging walls with this . Thanks in advance!


From another newbie!:tounge2:
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Hi pohchoowan
To get a picture in your signature area, all you need to do is put the link to the picture inside [img][/img] tags. As long as the site you link from allows remote linking, it's very easy. For example: (assuming yahoo allows the remote linking) you can put [img] http://us.f1.yahoofs.com/users/dc390...Wf9c.Ag9MPsmf8 [/img] in your signature, but with NO spaces, and that picture should show up instead of the link.

If you need further help you can PM me if you'd like.
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You're so nice, Jenn...

THANKEES!!!! Truly appreciate it!!!

i just tried it, but am not sure whether it will work.. we'll see...


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Very cute stuff! I love the camisoles!

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very cool stuff!
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Very cool! unfortunatly the colors dont match my house.
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i the panties & mugs !
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Very cute! I like the fitted shirts & underwear!
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