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Good for that girl for wanting to stay home and bond with her baby if her life will allow it- there is NOTHING wrong with wanting to be a stay at home mommy and nothing wrong with working moms. I hope she's able to do what ever is best for her individual situation and family.

I plan to stop working for at least at year or two when we have our first baby. I will be put in a high risk cat. so i will not be able to work during my pregnancy once we start trying for a little one. Knowing this and having talked to our doctors- We have decided to work as much as we can now and to save up and be responsible so that when that time does come- i'll be able to take off work and we will still be able to live comfortably and care for a little one. I plan to go back to work after a year or so- but that's a personal choice as i like to work.

I see nothing wrong with stay at home moms and nothing wrong with working moms- what's best for one family may not be the best for another so for that woman to judge your pregnant coworker is really none of her business.