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Could I have some vibes please?

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Lady's going in for her spay tomorrow. However, since she's an outside cat, it's possible that she could be pregnant. She's only seven months old, but I know cat's can go into heat earlier than that. Her vet appointment is tomorrow morning and our vet won't spay if she's pregnant, though, so could I have some vibes to help make sure that she isn't!? I don't want her to have kittens, she's little and it would no doubt be hard on her to be pregnant.

Thanks so much! I know TCS vibes do work.
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Vibes and hugs for both of you
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and also *snuggles* for you and your kitty... My poor darling kitten was very not happy after her spay and wanted to just snuggle with me all night.
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headed your way!!
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that everything goes well tomorrow
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Sending and Prayers for Lady.
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Good news! The vet felt Lady and said that he felt no kittens. :thumb: I'll update again tomorrowwhen we pick her up, hopefully with a few pictures too.
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YAY! That's good news! I hope she recovers quickly from her spay!

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Great news, I bet you cant wait to get her back!
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That's great!
I'm nervous about getting Rags spayed. She's a rescued stray that is touchy around strangers. I'm afraid she'll be a bear at the vet's. Well, I'm sure they're used to it.
I don't have to worry about it for a few weeks, though. She's still nursing.
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Lady's back from her spay and is feeling loads better than Twix was when she came back (Twix came home the same day, Lady stayed overnight). Now, finally, all four cats are fixed, and what a relief it is! I'm honestly thrilled right now. My friends think I'm crazy because I was dwelling so much on her getting spayed and am now raving about how she's feeling so good () but it's such a relief! I'll upload some pics of her as soon as she's relaxed a bit.

On a side note, Peep keeps chasing her. I have him separated from Lady right now, but this can't be for more than a few hours at most. I'm hoping when I have to stick him back out he'll stop going after her once she smells more like what he's used to. Oh, and I'm not under the impression that it's 'mean' chasing - more out of curiousity is what I'm thinking - but is it normal?
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yep its normal, sometimes its just the weird smell from the vets that make the other cats go a bit funny, sometimes mine will hiss at first.
I'm glad everything went well.
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That's what I was thinking, but I wasn't at all sure. Do you have any idea what the average time for the other cats to reaccept the 'vet cat' is?
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mines only ever been a few hours once i let the *vet*cat back out of her quiet room normally will be a lot more sniffing then there normally would be, but it all should calm back down soon enough.
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