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I'm freaking out

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Ill try and be brief...last Dec. a cat came into my front yard while I was outside on the phone and she never left. She's young still, and she's been super friendly and sweet from the get go. Well, before I could save enough money to have her fixed, she wound up pregnant. Almost 2 weeks ago she has the kittens in the garage. She's been attentive to them (we cant keep them and her in the house...we have 3 big dogs). She had 6, but one died 2 days later, so I showed him to her, then buried him. Her kittens had just begun to open their eyes and were gaining weight and looking very good.

Now, the problem. Last night when I checked on them and her, the daddy cat was in our driveway. First time Ive seen him since she had the kittens. There were in the same spot this morning, my roomate also saw them this morning (8-9 am, around there)...when I got home from work about an hour ago, Sally came out of the garage to see me, I fed her and went to check on the kittens...and they are gone! I am not happy and I am freaking out. I've been watching Sally...once she went over the fence to the neighbors backyard. I watched her go to a pile of wood and old garden pots. I drove over to see if I could talk to them, and maybe get them, if that's where she moved them to. They werent home. I have to wait until they get home and go back over there. Sally is now back in our garage, just lying around. She isn't acting sad, or stressed out or given me any indication something is wrong, or that her kittens are dead. I scoured the yard and the garage, I've looked everywhere I can think of and I cannot find them, nor did I find any dead ones.

Would she move them because of the daddy cat creeping around again? Could he have taken them from her, maybe killed them? I don't know. I don't know what to do. They are only 2 weeks old. Would she have moved them to the neighbors yard? Why would she move them so far from our house? What should I do? I need help on this. The last thing me and my husband want is a ton of stray cats running around the cul-de-sac or god forbid, the daddy cat trying to mate with his daughters. Please, someone help!!!
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When you find them you really need to get them in the house and keep the momma cat inside until she is spayed. Cats can get pregnant the day after giving birth and it can be a never ending cycle of kittens for outdoor cats. Not sure about finding them can you hear them? Watch her really well and follow her and see if she leads you to them.
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I hope you find them soon! I think you are doing the right thing by watching her to see if she leads you to them.

Once you catch her, you might want to consider caging her with the kittens. If you absolutely cant bring her into your house then a nice big dog crate in your garage will work. Or close up all exits to your garage (if you do this, make sure there are no dangerous spots in your garage she can hide them) You will need to give her a litter box and food of course since she wont be able to get out.

I'm sure she has just moved the kittens to what she thought was a safer place. Possibly under someone's front porch We found a litter of stays under our neighbor's porch a couple years ago. The mother was long gone and it took us a while to coax the kittens out. Luckily they were approx 4 weeks at the time and we got them to eat soaked kitten food.

Anyway.... hope you find them! Keep us posted.
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