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help help help

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Ms Friskers is in labor, finally!

But now I have all sorts of new stuff to be worried about -- she's been pushing now for about 20 minutes, with no sign of a kitten... her pushes have all been laying on her side, very short little pushes, about 3 in a row usually. There is discharge coming out -- goopy mucusy stuff with a bit of blood in it.

Are we running on schedule? Do I need to worry she'd been pushing for this long without seeing any kitten action yet?

She's just started standing up and pushing in that position... which has been accompanies with some REALLY unahppy meows...
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Nevermind -- she just had the first one. All black.
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omg im going too be here if you like!
i cant help really but ill be moral support!
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You should only worry if there is pushing for an hour with no kitten. Congrats on the first baby.
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Kitten #1 is nursing away making cute little noises.

Mom is resting... I am looking at her thinking "There are more of those, right?" She looks awfully content and finished. I'll be able to tell she's starting on the next one because her sides will get taut, right?
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Yes she wil start to contract again if there are more kittens. good luck.
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Ok well -- maybe not. Ms Friskers has decided to skip preliminary contractions, or at least have them so subtly that no one notices. Kitten #2 came out with a great big meow on mom's part but absolutely no other warning -- Kitten #1 was still nursing! It's been about an hour since then, but it was a bit over an hour between the first two... seems like she's taking things slow. She's still breathing very fast so I'm guessing we're not quite through with labor yet.
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Congrats on the kitties!!!!! Good luck and HAVE FUN!
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If she seems otherwise fine and not in any sort of distress, do I need to worry too much about how long it goes between kittens? She's not actively in labor, just breathing quickly, and sort of spacing out while the first two kittens nurse, and licking her vulva from time to time. It's been about an hour and a half since the last kitten, and I'm just wondering if there's a point where I should start worrying, or if as long as she isn't pushing and isn't in distress, things are probably ok.

I don't want to be that neurotic cat owner, but I also don't want to let something go wrong by being too relaxed, if that makes sense!
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Congrats! I'm sure she's doing fine. Rags did a lot of pushing, too. She even seemed to be in labor for a little while after the last one, but she was finished after number 6.
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Ms Friskers is officially taking a "slow and steady wins the race" approach to this labor... the gap between kitten 1 and 2 was about an hour and a half, and between kitten 2 and 3 was about 2-3 hours. She's still breathing fast, and is licking me so much I can't really poke her abdomen enough to feel around to see if there are any more lumpy kitten type bits in there. So, I'm leaving her to it and going to bed, given that her pattern seems to place the next kitten around 5 or 6am. She can wake me up if she needs me.

(No seriously -- with the noises she's been making, she will definitely wake me up. -- I think she wants an epidural.)
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Sounds like things are going along smoothly for now. Are you sleeping in the same room with your little girl and her new family?
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Keep us posted - on your babies progres
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She's staying in my bedroom with me, yes. The other two kitten-cats have the run of the rest of the house. (I'm not totally sure they get why they've been locked out of the bedroom... not the brightest two kitties in the universe, those two.)

I'm pretty sure 3 is the magic number, which seems remarkably small for how huge she was! She came out of the box a bit ago, walked around the room awhile, had some petting time with me (she's so little now, like a normal kitty!), ate some food, drank a LOT of water, and then went back in for more nursing. So I've tucked in the heating pad and pulled down their "canopy" (really just a towel), so everything's all nice and cozy for the evening. All I hear now is the once in awhile suckling noise and sometimes the mewl of a kitten being squished. Not that there isn't plenty of room...

I'm so happy! It's amazing, I've had this cat in my apartment for about 4 weeks now, and I'm head over heels in love with her. I'm so proud of her tonight, she did such a good job having these kittens, even though she was clearly so very frightened. And it made me feel so special that I was able to comfort her when she needed it. She really does feel safe with me! No more parking lot life for her!
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Congrats on the babies! I'm on vaca so I wasn't on line a lot yesterday!
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Congrats on the kittens. We need pictures.
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Originally Posted by Lindsey88 View Post
Congrats on the kittens. We need pictures.
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The three little darlings in a pile:

Mommy realizing that there are pictures and she isn't in them!

And nursing time! I think they might have little tabby stripes -- anyone else willing to back me up on that? I'd really love it if they did... I love dark tabbies!
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Awww, they are adorable!
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Awwwww! A litter of black kittens! I can't really see too well, but they very well might have tabby markings. Lt. Pants had them very visibly as a baby, the "ghost" markings. You can still see them on him in the right light.
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OMG! Three little black kittens! Can there be anything cuter? Do you know the sex? Either they are all boys or the dad was black too, I'm thinking.
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What cuties!!!
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Awwwe, they are really cute. Are you keeping the mom and any of the kittens?
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Originally Posted by kluchetta View Post
OMG! Three little black kittens! Can there be anything cuter? Do you know the sex? Either they are all boys or the dad was black too, I'm thinking.
Pretty sure it's two boys and a girl -- and probably dad was a black kitty -- there are about 6 black toms running around out back where Ms Friskers was living, so we suspected one of them would probably turn out to be the dad.
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Originally Posted by Sakura View Post
Awwwe, they are really cute. Are you keeping the mom and any of the kittens?
My roommate and I are living together again next year, and we're going to keep Ms Friskers and two kittens together -- when we stop living together (hopefully the year after my beau and I will be moving in together if he can get a job in the area) I'll be taking Ms Friskers and the kittens will go with whomever makes the most sense -- more than likely we'd each take one, but we'll see who they're attached to both person and other cat wise.
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Congrats!!! They are beautiful! So glad you rescued her!! And I bet she's glad, too!
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She's been seeming more thankful the past day or so -- lots of snuggly love for me and even being friendly to my boyfriend who's visiting for the weekend!

She's also stopped moving the kittens out to the middle of the floor and abandoning them, and started nursing them more consistently, which is good, because I am very bad at feeding them KMR.
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