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I sent out my postcard today!

You just copy it and add your name to the bottom and paste it in a post. You send a postcard to the person below you and give your address to the person above you so they can send you a postcard.
Thanks for the great explanation Tamme!

Does anyone want to send me a postcard out of the goodness of your heart-lol???

I am first on the list and the last person keeps changing as we add
on new people to the list

Ginger (Coco Maui)
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If you'd like a postcard, just PM me your address. I picked up a bunch in anticipation that I'd get to send many out!

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Jan (Auburn412) I'll be sending your postcard out tomorrow. On Thursday.
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Sherral...I got it! YAY! It was so nice to see that postcard today. Everyday I get loads of junk mail and absolutely no mail that I am happy to receive..until today! Thanks for the cute Deer card...it's so sweet with the baby deer kissing the Momma deer. Awww!
Thanks again Sherral!

Polly Anna...
First of all, I need to apologize. I keep on forgetting to get yours in the mail! Honest to God, it is going tomorrow morning. I'm sorry to have gotten your hopes up and then didn't follow through like I said. I'm not sure how long it will take to get there (especially with all of this war stuff going on..it might be delayed a bit more than usual)....but I promise it will get to you ASAP! Once again, I'm sorry!
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When you send your post card, remember to put your return address on the card so that the person who gets the card can send one back to you

Having said that...I forgot to put mine on there so I will do it next time...

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YAY, good to know that someone has received theirs already... I sent mine to Tamme, I have no idea how long it takes from Belgium to Canada, but I hope you'll get it soon!
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Shell, I am just as bad as you are!
I went for a walk as soon as I got Niinas address (it takes me only a few minutes to walk downtown), bougt a postcard and a stamp, wrote it outsite in the rain against a house so I - and the postcard could stay dry (I was with the pram and my son had woken up, so I was just goin to put this in the mailbox and rush home), but then there was no glue on the stamt! So I had to take it with me home, and the postcard is still in my bag, with the glueless stamp!
I´m going for a walk now, I´m going to take it with me!
Sorry Niina!
But since I did´t send it yet, I can add my address on it!

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It's ok I look forward to it
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Ginger if you PM me your address I will send when to you!

I promise that I will get the postcards out early next week!
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I mailed your card yesterday......... sorry for the delay (I've been sick!!!)

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I got my post card!! Thank you Kiwideus! I would love to come to North Carolina!I would like to go to the gems mines,I have read about,Have you been to one?
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Thanks Christy (okeefecl)! I got your postcard from Cleveland today! What a great building on the front of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The architecture is awesome.
Thanks again for the postcard!


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I have 2 extra postcards from Snowshoe West Virginia!!! If anyone wants to get one send me your address please

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I'm glad to see you got the postcard. It's cool to see the pic you took-but now, I have to be careful I don't send out 2 of the same card!
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Ginger - just got your card - it was great!
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Where did all the postcards go?! They were sold everywhere when I was a kid! Lizza, I'll have to make a trip to the museaum just to find you a postcard! But I remember it! I actually went to my school store and to the Hurricane's gift shop just with that in mind, but neither had postcards....ARRRRGGGHHHH!
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I know what you mean! I just happened to look while I was at WalMart and they had clearanced them down to 10 cents each! I guess no one uses them anymore Do you happen to have a truck stop or etc near by? Usually they have postcards there...that and Liquor Stores usually have them too. That is one thing I've never been able to understand. Why there?
Anyway, Just thought I'd give you a couple of places to look for your card! Good luck finding one!
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I got my postcards at the gift shop of the hospital I work in. Maybe there were some because people from all over the world come to the Cleveland Clinic, but that may be another place to check.
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Christy, I got your's today! Thanks a lot. It's beautiful.

Lola, I'm in the same dillemna! I cannot find them anywhere. They used to have them at the dollar stores, and now I can't find them! I'm having fun on the search though, lol.
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Thanks for the tips, guys! Shell... what were you doing in an ABC store? Just looking for postcards? RIGHT!

LOL, just raggin' ya, I enjoy a drinkypoo every now and again...
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Ho hum. . . just waiting for someone to sign up after me so I can have someone to send a card to!!
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Niina (Kitty & Casper) Thank- you so much for the postcard! I got it today. How beautiful.
mmmm I want some Belgium chocolates, hee hee.
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Guys, I'm so ticked right now! I mailed Pollyanna's card on Friday and it was returned to me today! It had no explaination or anything on it...but they were so nice to have scratched through most of my words with pen!

So, Pollyanna...I'm so sorry! I am mailing you a new postcard tomorrow and it will be a envelope! I did put my return addy on there so I don't know if they misunderstood where it was to go...but I put "To:" and "From:" on it!

I'm sorry once again and I promise you...You will get this card! I am determined to get it there!
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Oh Shell, that's maddening!

I saw a t.v. thing once on delivering the mail and they were asked if they read the postcards. Response: 'the mail is going through here so fast, we don't have time to read them. then after while they're not mail anymore, just paper.'

That was totally rude! They usually at least put a reason.
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If you can't find one at a store ,why don;t you make one,I do and they look store bought ones.
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Tamme, I'm glad you got the card!

Christy, thanx for the card from Cleveland I'll send my card this weekend.
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Shell, did the postcard get all way to Iceland, or was i returned to you somewhere on the way.

I have absalutely no problem finding a postcard here in Iceland, and there is such a huge variety available. So hopefully we go many rounds, so I can send each of you different postcards.
Or you could just come and visit Iceland, that would be nice!
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Ginger I sent you a postcard today since I'm still waiting for someone to sign up after me!!
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I really don't know if it made it there or not. It was stamped, but it was scratched out in pen along with most of my message! I didn't have time to write up a new one for you, but am making time for it tonight so it can go out in the mail tomorrow morning!
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Years ago, when I had penfriends all over the world (before the time of computer!) I regularily resieved letters very late, with the stamt "Missent to Ireland"!
I alway thougt that was quite funny. I found it also funny, just the fact, that they had a stamt with that message!
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