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How long does it take for a lump to go down where she got a shot?
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What kind of Shot was it. My Coco has lump from her Depo Shot that she got over a week ago. last time she got that Shot it took 2 Months to go away. My other Cat that died got a lump from the distemper shot that took a few weeks to gget rid of.
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She got a rabies and distemper shot
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I am not sure on rabies but I think it would be the same as Distemper. Sometimes it took my cats 2 weeks for the lump to go down from the Distemper.
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ok thanks everyone.
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well its been a week and the lump is still there,is this normal? Should I call the vet?
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It took a full month for Talley's injection site lump to disappear. I even took her in, thinking it could have been an abcess from her sister's bites.
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It would be best to call your vet just to let them know that your cat has developed this lump. At the very least they will want to note it on her chart. Most likely they will want to see you in a few weeks if they lump is still there.
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