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A Rare Snuggle

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My little man is not much of a snuggler, to say the least. But occasionally, when he's in the right sleepy mood, he's a bit more receptive. He made himself quite comfortable on my chest last night, and Jess couldn't resist capturing this rare moment on film Please excuse my lack of makeup and crazy hair!

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haha, so cute! He looks completely content there

That's how high Chynna likes to lay on me too, even when I'm sitting down she likes to be right up high.
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Our little black Angel is like that too, not much of a snuggler unless she's half awake but loves to sit next to you.
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Very sweet!
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sooo sweet!

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Adorable pics
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Bless! It`s so nice when a cat that`s not normally cuddly gives you a snuggle.
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awww too cute.
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oh my goodness he looks massive in that pic! more like a snuggle with a black panther!

love the smug look on his face too, he is one happy boy there!
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