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If you were any aniaml what would you be? And why?
Me ,I would be a eagle,Becaues,they are free,and can fly away from trouble,move graceful,and they are a symbol of freedom!
Your turn!
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I'd want to be a cat and live with someone like me.

All you can eat, sleep, play and never have to do a lick of work!
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I think I would like to be an inside kitty witha good owner :LOL:
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I'd have to say that I'd want to be my cat... Spike has the life!
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Hmmm, I really... don't know.
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I would be a Tiger! They are so huge and powerful!
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i'm just an echo...

i'd be a housecat. where else could i be babied so much and sleep all the time?
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I would like to come back as an indoor-only kitty too. I would be able to lead a very easy stress-free life just like Snowball!!!

...and if I couldn't come back as a kitty, I would like to come as a very well cared for (meaning catered to, spoiled and babied) dog!!!
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I'd definitely want to live Willie's life...

but if that weren't possible, I'd be an otter! Anybody wanna come mudslide and bark with me?
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I'm just like most of you. I'd like to come back like my cats. spoiled and carefree. and if I had me as an owner, I know I'd have it made in the shade!
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Before he died, my husband, Russ said that he wanted to come back as a cat and live with me. That way, he'd have a cushy life and still get to sleep with me. He told me to keep an eye out, for a funny-looking cat with a mustache, smoking a cigar and sipping 12-year-old Scotch.
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LOL Cindy - he could be one of the cats!

id prolly be a cat too, i love pigs but i dont want to be turned into bacon or pork!
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I think I am going to have to agree with most of you, I would want to be a housecat. That whole nothing but sleep and eat deal works for me .
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id prolly be a cat too, i love pigs but i dont want to be turned into bacon or pork!
Kiwideus-How about being George Clooney's Vietnamese potbellied pig? Not a bad life, that.
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no that wouldnt be bad at all, especially if he lets me sleep in his bed!
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3 toed sloth due to the slothy nature LOL!
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A dolphin, i need a change of scenery!
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An otter. They seem to enjoy life to the fullest and have a lot of fun.
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Id love to be a housecat and taken good care of with the owner like me!
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