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Making Themselves (Un)comfortable?

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Having posted the new pix of Wellington and Biscotte I realised it was ages since I had put up anything of the others, so here are some recent photos. The theme is sleeping places(LOL)

Persil in my waste paper tray, beside my feet

Persil trying to be even more uncomfortable on a bookshelf

Ellie tries the bookshelf idea too

Dushka is more conservative, but still looks as if she might fall off at any moment

This is the most incredible. This is Bonaparte's favourite place to sleep

And here you can see where he really is

Not that he can't make himself VERY comfortable when he chooses

I can never get Cinders asleep as she always wakes up when she hears anything, but this is her favourite sleeping place - her blue blanket beside my pillow.
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I am sitting here laughing at your cat's sleeping choices Jenny.
Bonaparte's is really high up in the air.

I love all your sweetie pies.
Great pictures.
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Great pics Jenny, I LOVE how Bonaparte's little back legs are all stretched out
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Has Bonaparte ever rolled off his perch?

Love the pic of him stretched out on the sofa.
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Gorgeous kitties!
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No, he's never fallen off, not while I've been there, anyway. But there is no way he can curl up on that ledge. None of the others try to sleep there, though they sometimes use it as a vantage point.
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They are adorable. I just love how they always seem to find the oddest places to sleep
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sooo gorgeous!
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They pick the darnedest places, don't they!
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I love the one of Bonaparte sleeping! They're all cuties.
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I Bonaparte's sleeping place!
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