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My poor hubby

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He flew out last night to Australia for his best mates wedding (he's the best man), and decided to fly Air New Zealand rather than Qantas (who we normally fly with) because they were a bit cheaper.

He got to Auckland at 4:40am local time, and was due to fly to Brisbane at 6:30am, arriving at 7:15am local time. My mum was supposed to pick him up, give him stuff for me from my grandma, then was going to drop him at his mates place, and they were going to spend today and tomorrow (Friday and Saturday Australia time) together, with the wedding being tomorrow.

Instead he's stuck in New Zealand because of problems with the plane, and now his flight doesn't leave until 10pm tonight NZ time! So he won't get into Brisbane until 10:30pm probably, and won't get to see my mum (she's away all weekend), and will only really get to spend Saturday with his mate before the wedding later that day and he'll now have to spend most of that sorting out his suit hire and doing that sort of stuff.

He flies back home on Sunday morning, so he only gets to spend about 36 hours in Australia now!!! Poor thing

If only we had have stuck with Qantas
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What a disappointment! I hope everything else stays on track for him.
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What a waste!
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I just hope there was nothing his mate had planned for them to do that had to be done today. He'll be calling him soon to let him know he'll be about 12 hours late!
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We were thinking about flying with air newzeland as they had really cheap prices, but we decided not to because it would have been a 42 hour flight as we would have had to stay in Newzeland for 16 hours.

I wanted to go back with Emirates but because they are so popular now, its so expensive, qantas was next on the list but they were also very high priced for september. British airways is a company i will never be flying with again unless its a short flight.
This time i booked with Cathy Pacific, they are supposed to be good, so lets see how it goes.

Good luck to your hubby!!
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Yuck!!! Is he going to have jet lag or what!!
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I hear NZ is better at trains than planes....
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aww! Hope all goes well
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Originally Posted by GailC View Post
Yuck!!! Is he going to have jet lag or what!!
Thats what I was thinking! What an awful ordeal for him to go through
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I feel for your poor husband! Traveling sucks these days!
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That is a bummer i feel bad for him, but i am sure they will make the best of the short time he will be there and he will forget all about the aggravation in the end.
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Oh dear. I hope things will go smoothly other then the delay! That will teach you to change airlines
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that really sucks, thatmuch flying and so little time on the ground.
he is really going to need some sleep when he gets back home.
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Hey whats wrong with New Zealand!

If I had known and he was in Christchurch, I would have been happy to accomodate him!
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