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Tasha and Angel...you are both very pretty!
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lizza - i couldn't have said it better myself!
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That's what my hair looked like this morning!

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kass, thats what my hair looks like all the time!
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mine is almost that color, but it's a bit more "limp" than that! :LOL:
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people used to tell me I was too skinny now that I've gained weight they can't stop commenting on how I'm too curvy.. you can't satisfy everyone all the time I guess lol, just try to satisfy yourself.. I'm happy the way I am, no matter what anyone else thinks

positive attitudes go a looong way in life.. And I think a lot of people don't really recognize the fact that being called "skinny" is offensive to some thin people. I kno that's it's sorta like calling an overweight person "chunky" lol, because I've been both places and hate BOTH titles =) (someone wouldn't dare comment that someone looks too chunky in a posted picture..)
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darn straight annabelle! Did I miss your entrance, as I don't think I have seen you here before.
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I'm new, just joined because a feral cat stole my heart and I wasn't sure what to do with him lol.. I introduced myself and kitty on the new cats forum

I think this place is amazing and what a great community that comes along with it!! Very happy to be a new member here
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