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Alyssa finaly has a New Cage!!!!

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[[Alyssa's my American Blue Variegated Double Rex Dumbo Rat]]

So ive been Ordering Foster and Smith ((free)) Magazines for about 2yrs now... in hopes that one day id be able to actually Buy something for my Bird/Rats from it... ... yea 2 yrs!!

Well the past couple weeks Alyssa has been eating through her Food Dish, I have no clue why.. I use to think it was cause she wanted food.. but I eventually noticed the Stash of Food hidden in the Bedding under her Floor Ramp building up. If she eats through it completely... her Cage is made in such a way that its useless without the Bowl. Yea I could replace the Bowl... but the Cage is old anyway so I finally talked my mom into getting a New Cage for her!!

I searched so many different sites all night last night looking for the perfect Cage! And I found it! Now when I had my 2 Largest Rats a couple yrs ago they were in an awsome Super Pet Ferret Cage and after having that Cage I made a promise to myself that I would one day get that Cage again. So I did it.. Thank goodness for all those Foster and Smith Mags I saved up!! lol Im getting the Super Deluxe Multi Floor My First Pet Home ((Super Pet Brand))!!!!

lol... She wont be able to escape from it so dont worry.
My Biggest plan ((im not sure if ill be able to do it though)) is to get another Female Rat to House with Alyssa... Breed that Female with TempleTon... Keep a Female Pup ((rehome the others to good homes as pets not food))... than Neuter TempleTon and get a very large cage to house them all.. 3 Females and a Fixed Male. Now I dont want to Breed Rats, its just id like to Breed TempleTon just once cuz hes so awsome that id like to keep his Blood Line with me always .

Anyway... Im not sure if Ive shown my Rats to you guys yet, if not than let me know and I can show them to you!!
I am just so exited that I wanted to tell someone!!!

Oh and Alyssa's cage will be arriving at our Door in the next 7 Business Days ((with some other Pet Stuff I ordered also))!!!
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Nice!!!! She looks like she loves it!!!
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Originally Posted by EnzoLeya View Post
Nice!!!! She looks like she loves it!!!

Ummm.... EnzoLeya... thats not her! lol.. thats the Pic I took of the Site, Hehe but ill post pics of the Cage once it arrives.
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Whoo, that cage looks awesome! If I was a rat I would love it
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That looks like a great cage
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Nice cage and I wanna see your ratty!
I am a fellow ratty lover.
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I know!! I wanna live in that cage!! and it was amazingly cheap for its size!!
I post a new Thread on Pet Pics Forum with Pics of my Ratties!
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