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Working Out

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Do you?

How often?

What is your workout like?

Me: fairly (or semi) seriously working out since the early 90's.

Frequency: as low as twice a week or as much as 6 times

My workout is primarily cardio (treadmill, elliptical, etc.) at the gym and weight stuff at home.

Could I do better? Absolutely

Let's talk about secret ways to work in fitness in our days.
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no. i certainly would if i could though, that's for sure!
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Every other day I workout.

I have 3 seperate workouts for 3 zones. Lower body, middle, and upper.

I warm up with 8 minutes of cardio, do about 40 minutes of weights and then 25 minutes of cardio every time I am at the gym.

I rotate and change my cardio machines every time, and I change my workouts about once every 2 months.

I LOVE IT! It keeps me going
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try to swim 50 + laps every day in the pool.
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I go 3-4 times a week (though lately I've been slacking) for 45-60 minutes.

I usually go on the elliptical for 30 minutes, then do 15-30 minutes of weights, mostly upper body to make up for what the elliptical didn't do.
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I go to Curves and Butterfly Life. I tried American Bandstand Dancing today but was terrible. I think I will try Kick Boxing this week.
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The closet gym/fitness center is about 12 miles away and with the price of gas......

I have a very expensive treadmill at home (a True), balance ball, bar, some light weights, etc...

I walk on treadmill or outside if conditions permit. I though live "in the country" so walking at night is out.

I also do gardening/landscaping for a living and have extensive gardens so that helps too.
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M - swimming and aquafit
T - weight training
W - swimming and hip hop
Th - core conditioning
F - Jazz/hip hop
Sat & Sun - salsa

I usually take one day off, though. (not M & W)

I work out at my club and with the price of the dues, I need to workout to make it worth it. Great incentive!
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I don't and really need to start again. Not for weight loss but for strength and flexibility.
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I have an ultra gazelle glider that I try and do 20 minutes per day on. Also, I walk in good weather and have weights for some upper body exercise!
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I am allowed to start exercising again, and as of April 1, I can exercise with no restrictions! Woohoo!

So I'm just building up into exercise, but will try to be doing 2 swim squads, one or two runs, and a longish bike ride a week by the end of April.

I don't like going to the gym - I prefer to exercise outside. I'm most motivated when I have a training program to follow, and have set times for exercise - if I just do it when I feel like it, I lose motivation fast, get lazy, then am too tired to exercise and it's a vicious cycle...
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Do you?
- OMG Do I!!!

How often?
- 4 to 6 times per week. Usually

What is your workout like?
Everytime I go, I do the following:
- 60 to 80 minutes on the treadmill.
- 20 minutes using an arm bike
- 45 minute aquafit class

3 times a week I do that above, plus a complete circuit of weights and resistance training.

Could I do better? I think I do plenty!

I started a thread to get people more active.

2008 Fitness Challenge
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I've just been getting back into working out and getting into shape. My shape has seriously suffered since selling my horse about three years ago.

My target weight is 127 (when I met hubby 8 years ago, that's what I was, I'd be happy with 130 though!) so I have 25 lbs to lose. I had 35 to lose, but I've managed to drop the first ten already .

I've been hittting the treadmill everyday. Usually two workouts, one 20 min and one 30 min. On my "off day" I only did one 20 min workout. I also do crunches and leg lifts (holy crap are they hard...).

Now that we've had our time change and it's lighter longer at night, and the weather is going to be improving, I will be getting outside more, and look forward to that!
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I have just started to exercise. I was going to join a gym but the closest one is 20 minutes away and $65 per month. I wont go alone so my boyfriend would have to go too and thats just too much to spend. I bought an exercise bike recently (got it for $60, regular $600) and have started to use that. So far, I can't do anymore than 15-20 minutes at a time, but I will be able to do more once I get used to it. I also have a workout bootcamp dvd set that I plan to start using. My boyfriend tried it once and said it is pretty hard.
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I run. I've been running for almost 30 years. I go about 5 times a week, want to get back to 6 times.

I go in the morning. If I don't go in the morning, I can't motivate myself to get out and do it.

I'm doing a half-marathon in April. Did one in October. I've done 8 marathons, and still think I have a few more in me.
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You know my Wed. workout that I posted - 1 hour of swim clinic and 1 hour of hip hop? Today, we worked on butterfly. Did about 1500 yards (only 1/3 fly). Went to hip hop. I am now really, really tired.
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Wow! I can't believe how much some of you work out, that's great. I used to be an exercise fanatic when I was in my twenties. I ran, did aerobics, lifted weights at least five days a week. Now, I'm lucky if I walk twice a week, I've gotten so lazy. I really need to get the motivation back.
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I do aikido twice a week and walk or ride my bike pretty much everywhere I go within reasonable distance. That's about it, not spectacular but enough.
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I really need to get back into it but I don't like my neighborhood. There's too much traffic coming in and out of our apartment complex and I just feel scared at times. We do have a clubhouse that has weights and an elliptical machine, but it's only open during business hours. They do have it where you can go anytme for $15 a year and I'm thinking of paying that amount so I can go anytime of the day (I sleep pretty late sometimes). It's cheaper than going to a gym. I can't do a lot though cause I get so exhausted after I work out for some reason, since I found out I have RA it seems to hurt more than help.
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I work out everyday. It's my best for of stress relief, and if I don't, I just don't feel right. My work out is primarily cardio on my elliptical, as well as walking the beach. I could do better by adding strength training, but I just don't enjoy that, and I want my work outs to be fun, not a chore.
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I walk daily with my sister for 45-60 minutes. On the beach or around the neighbourhood. We take the weekends off.
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I workout pretty intensively about 4 times a week. I'm not my workouts will be any good for you guys as they are geared primarily to building muscle to meet the lifting requirements of the paramedic program. I start all my workouts by running intervals to building me lung capacity and then head into an 1-2 hour upper or lower body workout.

I think it's awesome that so many on here are so motivated to keeping fit and active!! wonderful lifestyles!
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I hate stuff gyms- i'd much rather be outside running or walking with the dogs and save my ab/core work and weights for the gym.

I was banned from exercise/physical work of any kind for quite a while when my heart was being monitored and i had a few other health issues (insulin resistance being one of them- not good when you can't work out!), so i gained more weight than i could ever imagine in such a short span of time. I felt like a disghusting blob when i couldn't exercise. Since i've had the all clear though- i've been going for really long walks/runs every day and love how much better if feel now that i can exercise again and enjoy the nice weather we've had recently I'm sure i'll be back to my old self in no time now that i can exercise the way i like
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