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Lilly was "Lillith" when we adopted her. It's much easier to call her Lilly. Sometimes when her tortitude acts up I revert to calling her Lillith.

We kept the name "Forrest" that the rescue shelter gave him - cause it suits him, he already responded to it and I like it.
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I changed "Jumbles" name to "Toby"...What self-respecting cat would want to be called "jumbles"? LOL, It does fit though, as he is rather clumsy.

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For me it depends on the age of the animal, and how much they respond.
Bear came with his name, it fit, and he knows it (though I call him Bear-bear).

My Ex's Bombay came with the name Licorice, too many syllables, she didn't respond to it and it really didn't fit her, so we re-named her Majik.
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Most of my rescued pets were strays, so we don't know what their previous names were and just gave them the best fitting names we could come up with. Sneakers was adopted and had her name already, we were going to change it but could not come up with a good new one.
My terrier Pooch actually was a stray but came with his name-- however now I wish I had changed it! When we found him he had a rabies tag on so we were able to find out the information for the vet who vaccinated him (he'd visited them nearly a year before I found him), and they told us his name was Pooch. They also gave us contact info for his previous owners, but that info was outdated and we were not able to find them. When we found out his name I began to call him that because I thought we would eventually reunite him with his owner, but Pooch did not answer to the name at all! He didn't know it! I'm not sure why, if the owners never taught him the name or if whoever got him vaccinated did not have him long enough to teach him to come to his name, or what the deal was. All I know is he didn't know his name, but by the time we realized that we were not going to be able to locate his last owners he had already learned to respond to the name Pooch so we ended up keeping that name. He was supposed to be a foster dog so I didn't think I'd have to live with that name forever. However after a failed adoption I realized I was too attached to give him up and he became a permanent member of the family and we were stuck with the name Pooch...
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We rescued our Springer and his name was Sam. Our cat is a rescue and he came with the name Sam. There can only be one Sam in the house and seniority won, Sam the cat keeps the name and Sam the dog is now Fergus. He hasn't seemed to mind the change, love is more important than a name. Although when Sam the cat is being called because he is in trouble, Fergus disappears, he knows that tone of voice and is glad his name isn't Sam anymore.
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I adopted two cats back in November, Alex and Beacon. I really liked Beacon as a name for my female black kitten, but Alex wasn't working for me for my mitted tabby, so I renamed him Sox, and I would like to give my mom credit for coming up with that name cause I didnt know what I was going to call him.
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Chestnut and Gizmo kept their names... they both respond to their names and even though I don't like EITHER of their names and don't think they suite them (ie: Chestnut is um... gray & white!) I couldn't see changing names they have known for so long as they were 5.5 and 2.5 when I adopted them
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Jake was Rudy when we rescued him..... It did NOT fit him
Tonka was Max... Again, didn't fit him.

I always change thier names
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We changed the names, but they didn't have them for long anyway. Bella was being called "Tiger Cat" so she absolutely needed a proper name. Stanley was being called "Stella" because they originally thought he was a girl, then they changed it to "Romeo" because he's such a lover and we decided to call him Stan.

They both answer to their names now, so I think we made the best decision. Now, if I got a cat from a previous owner, and it was used to a name already, I wouldn't change it.
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i adopt senior cats, so I always keep their names as they have had them a long time. Only been tempted to change once. i have only changed two fosters names, one cos we thought he was a girl and was really a boy, so had to have a name change (and didn't respond to either!!), and the latest foster was named Swiggy, so it had to be changed - he responded really well to his new name change. Any strays have had to have names picked for me, i am running low on names, I would like to have a name for each letter of the alphabet, think I have about 10 to go!!
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So far we've always changed the names of the cats we've adopted. Meow had no other name before we bought him from the pet store almost 14 years ago. I think Midnight & Bailey must have had other names from their foster family before we adopted them but I can't remember what they were. Our recent adoptions, Fae and Penny (short for Penelope), were previously named Buffy & Pamela. We're not into the name Buffy at all, and Penny seemed much more like a Penny than a Pamela. We're still working on teaching them their new names.
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I didn't change my cats' names. They're silly names, but they're the ones they answer to now...
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my rb cat daisy was called tinker by the previous owners and because they had basically left her to die (6 weeks alone in a flat until the landlord broke in) i wanted to erase her past. she responded to daisy extremely quickly especially if said in a high voice!

janet was named sandy when i got him. we changed it to kenji which he never really acknowledged. when we started calling him janet he would look up every time. he was such an eccentric kitty, it suited him so well!

milo and shinobi we named. having said that they both have nicknames that they respond too aswell.
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Kayden was about 4 months old when I got him. He was Corn Dog but I wasn't going to keep that. Sassy was 3 months when I got her and she was Spot. Had no problems with either of them with their name changes.

I'm planning on adopting an older cat from my rescue in a couple months (if he's still there) but I do plan on keeping his name though only because I already associate him with his name.

My rescue rats kept their names because I couldn't think of anything better and I already associated them with their names.

My rabbits got a name change too. New name for a new life
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We kept Memphis' name because he knew it so well. He was only 12 weeks, but you just had to whisper Memphis and he was on your lap. So we thought we'd just ruin that if we changed it.

Lily was Freyer and I just didn't like it personally. She learnt Lily so quickly though - it took her a few days and now she responds to Lily, Lily-girl, Lil-lil, gorgeous girl!
Usually Lily-girl though. I have no idea why either, just pops out of my mouth.

So, I think if they're not fussed with their name either, change it. But if they know and love their name, then leave it =]
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Smidge was a nameless rescue when she was brought to the shelter.
The name they gave her - Orphan Annie - didnt see to fit her.
Smidge didnt either, but she was so tiny that was her nick - and she answered to it in three days. She told me that was the name she chose, so I stuck by it
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New life, new name... unless they actually respond to it. Hennessy (Rollins) didn't... he answered to 'Kitty' only. Before Rollins he was Smokey... so yeah, didn't figure he'd mind.

He's getting used to 'Hennessy'... but he still mostly answers to Kitty.
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when i got chloe her name was Ma Belle, which was a really good name considering the lady i got her from had a lovely french accent. however, coming out of my small town rural oklahoma mouth it was HIDEOUS. so she became chloe (she should be grateful, she almost became cornflake lol)
as for patchy, she was named "splash" by the ppl @ the shelter and my mom and i debated for several days as what to name her. i actually cant even remember what we decided on but she didnt like it. about a week after i got her, i was looking for some patches to fix a hole in my work pants. i was yelling and griping that i couldnt find my damn patches and here she came. she ran up to me and yowled so hard her tail shimmied and looked like a bottle brush. so i asked her if her name was patches and she yowled again. i went into the other room and yelled patches and she came running. so i didnt name her, she told me her name.
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I changed both cats names...
Sabrina's original name was Casey...
Salem's was Mopar...
I mean
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Mine was a shelter rescue and her name was a 5 digit number.
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Only one of our animals kept their origional name and that was Jasmine. I thought her name was soo beautiful and just suited her- so i kept it

Fosters was origionally Noah. They named him Noah at the shelter because he was found wandering on a street called Noah Lane. I actually think Noah would have been cute to keep, but Colin wanted to change it to a more Australian sounding name, so he named him Fosters after the Australian beer It fits him though- he took right to his new name. (now if i can only convience Colin Australian Shepherds are actually from America, we'll be doing good)

Whiskey was origionally named Digger. I HATED that name- so i changed it to Whiskey when we adopted him to kind of go along with the "alcohol" theme Colin started (that and his color looks like light colored Whiskey)

Velvet was origionally Topsy when i adopted her- but she was only a few weeks old at the time,so changing it wasn't an issue. I named her after the song "Black Velvet"- it was playing on the radio the day i adopted her

Kojak i had since he was a newborn. I originally called him Kolar....but my family members teased me for naming him that and said it sounded like the bathroom fixture "kohlar" so i let Colin rename him with a similar sounding name- and he named him Kojak after the lolli pop dectective from the 70's

Isabella I named myself when she was a baby foster kitten
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