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Saturday What Are Your Plans?

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Morning All!!

So the snow continue's here in central Ontario. They are saying it should let up later this afternoon so . It is going to take a bit to get this cleared away.

Typical day for me, heading off to work for a few hours. Nothing really pressing to do today just a bit of catch-up.

Watched 30 days of Night lastnight...It was okay but certainly not what the hype said it would be..

The kitties are tearing around the house this morning and have been since about 7. They are certainly wound up today..

Everyone have a good day
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With about 6 inches of snow on the ground here, I'm staying in today.

Well, I will lean out the front door and throw out bird seed every now and then.
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Sunny and very chilly its a hot 5F right now.

Have to run downstairs and see of Neil is feeling ok as I heard him do the dishes!!

Got some bad news on my uncle I posted about a couple weeks ago. He was moved to hospice care yesterday. Spoke with mom who said he fell again, got pneumonia (that was over a week ago). Hasn't been eating so is on IV's and they are going to start morphine soon. So was his orginal fall a symptom??

Watched the Darleeling Ltd last night-quite a different movie for sure!!

No much on the agenda for today or tomorrow however...
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Watching the flooding rains and hoping the basement doesn't flood.

There is a cat show today not too far from here and we may go.
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We're moving into a new apartment. It's only 3 blocks from here so we didn't bother to pack anything. FIL is coming down with his pick up truck and a few rubbermaids and we are going to just make a few trips. Should be interesting! I don't know if it was a good idea, or bad idea, to not waste time packing.
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A shopping we will go.....

Picking out slate tiles for our fireplace today - we're going to resurface it as its really ugly right now. Then onto the pet store to find chew toys for our new puppy Lola. She ate the remote control yesterday (our bad).

Then home to start our taxes (yuk).
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I am just staying inside with my daughter and the animals today.
It is starting to rain and were supposed to be getting really heavy rain tonight!
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Staying in. Good old North East Ohio is a mess, so I am going to watch movies and drink coffee.
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I am going to sit in the house while my hadsome bf helps the maintenance guy at our apartment shovel all of us out of our apartments and hotel rooms. (its a hotel in the front of the property and efficiencies on the side of the property and apartments in the back where we are.) Some of our cars you cant even see the front end cause theres so much snow on them that its just a solid wall of snow to the ground it looks really cool. they have some drifts to dig out about 3 foot deep. My back is hurting from earlier this week so i cant help

update, the bossman called said no shoveling until tomorrow we have another 3-6 inches coming today. my friend on the other side of town has 16 inches of snow. i cant wait to go outside to see what its like
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Staying inside and doing nothing! We've got about 10 inches or so of snow out there and it's still coming down heavily!
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Originally Posted by tierre0 View Post
Morning All!!

So the snow continue's here in central Ontario. They are saying it should let up later this afternoon so . It is going to take a bit to get this cleared away.

The kitties are tearing around the house this morning and have been since about 7. They are certainly wound up today..
I'm in the middle of the same snowstorm. It looks pretty bad out there and I don't see an end to the snow anytime soon.

My cats have been going crazy as well. They've been up since 5 am and are still running. Not sure what's up with them.

The snow is keeping us in today, so we're installing some new kitchen doors and doing the regular laundry. Tomorrow will be catching up on shopping that we missed doing today.
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I'm going to a work party tonight so I have to make my cheese dip later. Other than that, just doing house work!
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Nothing special planed, I'm just staying in today.
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We actually had about an inch or so of snow here in middle Alabama this morning, but its mostly gone now. I'm cleaning house and working on my mini's, hub is continuing the job we started last night of repairing a copper water line under the slab in the kitchen at the bakery......anyone up for helping tear up a 6" slab of concrete by hand?
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the local weather station said we got 14 inches and more to come today
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I am in Gahanna OH and I don't think I could get my little subcompact car out if I wanted to. It's supposed to stop late this afternoon or early evening and I go to work tommorrow evening. Hopefully things will get dug out enough that I can get out to the main street. I wouldn't care except this will be my first night back after taking a week off so I really don't want to have to call in.
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i hear ya there denice thats cool to finally see a cat person close to groveport, it should be cleaned up by tomorrow,. i live right across from richenbacker airport and they havent touched hamilton road yet keep fingers crossed for ya. i work in a warehouse second shift and they cancelled our shift last nite, if you cant get out im sure they will understand
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My cousin is turning 19 (legal drinking age here) so we are going to a bar later. Other than that it looks like it's going to be another boring day at home.
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Today is a bagel breakfast morning day.

I have a salsa class at 1 pm. After that, I will be helping DH carrying the deck rails up to said deck. I don't think that he can complain that I am not doing that right.

Finally got reservations for tonight at the new seafood restaurant in town. They have a raw bar there and we both love raw oysters so maybe after dinner things will get, er, interesting.

Sorry, but no snow nor rain here.
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Today I am working 2-8:30. I don't expect it will be very busy because we are in the middle of a snow storm right now.
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I just spent the last 5 1/2 hours at a nursing conference. I need to run to the grocery store, and then I'm gonna veg out the rest of the weekend!!!
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Well, looks like my plans for the day have changed, seems hub has found another leak in said water line, so am headed up to help him bust up the concrete. *sigh* Ah well, is good exercise, and you can take out a LOT of frustrations swinging a sledgehammer!!!
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For once, no plans! My better half is out singing today and then going out for dinner with a friend he's not seen for a while - so I doubt I'm going to see him again until he staggers back at 3am.

I'm going to spend some time here and then potter off to bed.
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I went to work this morning from about 10:30-2:30 ... they brought my work in too late last night for me to get it all done for Monday morning (two batches of samples are fax due to the client Monday) so I just went in and got that done, caught up on some other things I rarely have time to do on a normal workday there, and then grabbed some BK for lunch and picked Rob up from work (he's doing a few side jobs to make extra cash now that we've talked to homebuilders and plan on starting soon!!)

Tonight is date night I want to go to Roadhouse for dinner, since I love having a salad with balsamic vinaigrette and those great yeast rolls then a steak and mashed potatoes for dinner Hopefully we'll go there, but who knows! Then we might pick up "No Country for Old Men" since Rob wants to see it
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yesterday, i did nothing!
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Yesterday I went to a very awesome concert!
It was Hurt, Seether, Breaking Benjamin, and 3 Days Grace! It was completely awesome!
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I spent the whole day sleeping. I got an optical migraine 20mins after waking up for the day.
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