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Getting more friendly !!

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I didn't feel well today so I didnt feed the kitties until night time, and i normally feed them in the after noon. well since it was dark i took my hubby outside with me and Sherbert (the shy one) came up to us. Then lilly came up and she rubbed my legs. I'm so happy. I thought they would be scared of him but they did really good. after i was done feeding them he hubby was talking about how cute they are.

then awhile later he said something about buying a truck and I said yea well i want to bring the kittens in...then he said well you are going to anyway Soooo that sounds like I'm kinda good to go. I think alittle more work and lilly and ashton might actually make good inside kitties. Sherbert I'm not to sure about. Neo and moe were strayes and they are wonderful inside babies...of course we found them very very young. I guess i'll just to have to take it day by day and see what happens.
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I love the pictures on your website. Neo and MoeMoe are too cute for words.

And sounds like you've got the DH on your (and the cats') side!
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Val that's great! I'm no expert on ferals, but I would think that since you have been a part of the kittens' lives from such a young age and they already count on you for food (and TRUST you - the big thing!), they should adapt pretty well. Snow White I wouldn't count on, but I would think the kittens will do fine.
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Of the original litter of 5, we adopted two (Sheldon and Lazlo). We adopted out Julius and Spooky - I wrote up "instructions" for their adoptive parents because ferals needs special attention when bringing them inside and integrating them into a new home - especially if there are already cats in it.

If we lived in a larger home, we would have adopted them all!

A different litter turned up (3 kittens). One of the them the Vet said that if we were releasing her back into the wild she wouldn't live. Instead of euthanising her, we brought her inside. (That was Munchkin). (We live in an RV). She adpated pretty quickly.

We got lucky on the timing - because unfortunately, the adoption of two of the first batch (Julius and Spooky) didn't go well. Their new parents were neglecting them. My hubby had a "feeling" about it and insisted upon seeing them. When we did, we demanded the cats back. (We're pressing charges via the SPCA). Because we had just adopted out Munchkin, we brought Spooky home with us and released Julius back outside.

We managed to keep Juli and his brother, Tuxedo (from the original litter) and Thanksgiving and Magic (from the second litter that showed up) alive all through this horrible winter.

Gary now wants Tuxedo - and I think we figured a way to do it. Magic has been adopted. Julius was just adopted by one of the Vet assistants who fell in love with him. And Thanksgiving we put in a boarding facility so she could get used to living indoors and seeing other people and cats - she had become VERY friendly. Gary visited her today - and she is so outgoing and great.

But the point of all this rambling is to say that - they've all made great pets. Spooky is easily spooked. As soon as she sees a coat she flees into the bedroom and her hidey place. But after she hears a door, she's back out in just a few minutes. SHe's skittish - but she's a lap cat. Sheldon we've had inside since 10 - 11 weeks old - he hates being picked up, but he'll sit on a lap as long as we're brushing him.

Lazlo was the first we brought inside - he's not a lap kitty, but he'll let us pick him up, he meows for attention, he sleeps next to me - and in his many ways is a love bug.

With special care, if your feral kittens have had good interaction with just you or people in general from 8 - 10 weeks old or younger, they should make wonderful pets if they have patient parents.

But.... it sounds to me like you'll be keeping them? That would be so wonderful - for you and for them!

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they are all going to stay here for sure. I just have to figure out who would be happier outside and who would be happier in
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Aw... that's so sweet. We had to find homes for the outside kittens and people to agree to care for the adult colony we've been caring for since June.... we do live in an RV after all, and at some point here, we plan to hit the road again. Probably not for several months at least. But it was a strange time in our lives that we were here for almost two years.

I LOVE that you get to "keep" them all!!! I wrote about how I could never foster - and then had to find homes for the babies. It's great knowing they're being loved - but I miss them!!!!

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