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for trading spaces fans...

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for those who love the show - i found this in a magazine....i think ty is cute!

Trading Spaces
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vern is hot.
oh yeah he's hot.

(ty's not so bad either. )

i've heard a lot of people think paige is annoying. i think she's a little perkier than the average person, but she's okay. do you think she's annoying?
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i never thought of her as annoying, yeah, shes perky, but not that bad, but then again i never met her
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oh that just made my day lizza, excuse me while i go and wipe my face from all that drool!
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oh kellye - here's a towel! LOL!

(he is cute)
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Uhm... he's not so bad, is he?
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Oh my, I completely forgot what I was going to do when I saw that picture. Hard to imagine he's better looking in person.
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THIS is what i needed when i was painting my house!

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i wouldnt mind him in my place!
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Just had to say that I Love Trading Spaces....and the guys are pretty good to look at too!!!!!!!
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I've never thought of Paige as annoying but now, I betcha that's what I'll think the next time I watch! LOL

Did anyone see the boxer episode? That was sooooo yummy...I mean.....funny!!!!!!
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Thanks for the article. It really is a great show isn't it? And yes, Ty is a cutie.
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I think Ty has a nice bod, but his attitude is totally disgusting. He always argues with the (chinese????) guy. The animosity between them is very strong and I never like him when he's doing the carpentry. Just his all over attitude stinks, in my opinion
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While we are on the subject of attitude talk abt. Doug's (the designer) - now his is bad and he always has to be right. The only thing redeeming is that I think he he not bad looking
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doug is goodlooking, but obviously knows it. blah.
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I no longer get Trading Spaces since I downgraded my cable package!!

I want him to come redo my place and paint it!!!!

Tamme, throw Ty my way - I don't want him here because of his attitude. He's eye candy!! I want Ty to do all the woodworking. You know I have alot of old wood in this house, so he would have to be here for a very, very long time. Oh darn, do you want to stay over in the spare room???


Paige is very perky! Perky, perky, perky. I do not allow perky people to be near me in the morning. If she was at my place in the morning, she would get a slap upside the head.

(No offense intended, I'm not cruel or abusive, really!)

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Yep, perky and annoying, and phony! Doug's name is enough to make me mad. OOoooooooo! Painting oak floors, cherry furniture,disregarding the owner's wishes should be outlawed. Laurie, leave my ceiling fan alone. It's hot in Florida. (I don't have one, but if I did....)

I think Ty is funny and cute, but on occasion he does give Vern a hard time. I don't know what the problem is. Vern is always nice to him.

I liked Alex, the last host, who was seen briefly on Joe Millionaire. She seemed to really like the people she worked with.
Things could be worse, though... Remember the lady with ugly hats who made ugly lamps? Remember the moss walls Gen did? The brown felt walls for the people with two cats? Maybe we should count our blessings.

I'm not mean either, Kass, but Doug's name sets me off! Aargh!
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no, really, jeanie! tell us what you REALLY think!

you had me rolling, it's all so true!

i HATE when the designers won't give in on ANYTHING. do you remember when hildy wanted to dye some one's bedroom carpet ORANGE!?

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Would you believe that I have a paper that forbids Hildy from coming within 500 miles of my house! I wouldn't believe it, either! But did you notice that Hildy never gets a speck of paint on her? Or a hair out of place? At least Frank works, and he works as hard as the home owners. So does Vern.

Jan, you're so right. I shouldn't beat around the bush about these things, but I love wood so much. How can anyone do that? Whoops, I got started again, didn't I? Well, I really like that program, and I'm always on the side of the home owners, not necessarily what makes for ratings.
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i agree with you whole-heatedly on the wood issue. do they have idea how long it takes to strip paint off of wood?

hildy was talking somewhere about her clothes. she wears manolo blahnik shoes on the show (not sure if i spelled it right.) they are REALLY expensive, but she says "oh, it's okay. they're last year's shoes." wow.

i love the show, too. i like the good ideas i pick up. i also like the banter between home owners and crew.

i wonder, though, if half their ratings come from the fact that people like to make fun of some of the designers?
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I was glad that the friends of the owner stood up and said "No orange carpet!" The end result was beautiful, but that would have been too much orange!

I do NOT like Doug or Kia's attitude. They are very rigid, and do not listen at all. I like it when the designers start out asking "what do you see for this room?"

Didja see the ep where the mom & son surprised Frank with the barstools they painted after they finished their "homework"? That was SO funny!
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Vern is a cutie, indeed definitely cuter than Ty, in my opinion.

i really like his designs, and Genevives, and Lauries. though i'm not a big fan of Hilde, Frank or ... what is that other guys name?! Doug!

and i'm not big on Paige, either. she's a tad annoying but at least better than that last host.

we used to be obsessed with this show, though i haven't seen it in awhile.
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