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Nope I would never call that selfish!!

If I had time I would have countered it with offering to take her to get her eyebrows waxed, but that's my limit. No coworker would ever borrow my car.
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It doesn't sound like either to me.
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The only people i will let touch my car are Colin and my mom. I trust them and i have the proper insurance coverage should something happen. Anyone else though- i just wouldn't feel comfortable letting them use it most likely.
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You're not being selfish at all! Ive been burnt with this one too! My DH's cousin borrowed my car and returned it mangled and missing its gas tank! Nope! Not going to do that anymore! I have people tell me to take their cars all the time and its not an issue, I will use their cars and they'll use mine, but we know each other and are family and really close friends! (and covered on each others insurance!)
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
My coworker asked to borrow my car today at lunch...and I told her the truth that I am not comfortable with lending my car out... that includes anyone. I just DON'T like lending it out. I am very protective of my car.

I believe that people do not drive other people's vehicles as if they were their own and they are likely to not respect my vehicle the way I do.

This sounds silly I know..but with an older car, its all about repair bills, and I would never know if something someone else did in my car has caused something to breakdown.

Anyway, is this ridiculous? Is it selfish? I feel kind of bad for not letting her take it. If it was an emergency I would...but she is just getting her eyebrows waxed...
i think you did the right thing in my opinion! i'd be the same, but then am like that over everything i own LOL! & oh goodness! was only so she could get her eyebrow's waxed! oh c'mon please
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I would feel the same way, just tell her you're not very comfortable with the idea. I would think it was a smart move too.
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It's not selfish at all. That's your car. That's your transportation.
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That would be stepping over the line if somebody asked me if they could borrow my car. If something happened to the car you would be responsible. Your not selfish...
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Yrs ago my boss asked to borrow the truck for topsoil which I did. It came back freshly washed which I felt bad as our bedliner in the box of the truck takes a LONG time to clean out. He could have left the bits of soil in it!! We have borrowed our truck also in the past to one of Neil's brothers.

Other than that we haven't borrowed vehicles out.
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You have every right to be protective of your car. I would NEVER let a co-worker borrow my car. It is very rude of the lady to ask. Your car is your responsibility and if anything happened it would be your job to fix it. Good for you to stand up no matter what other people might think or say.
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Ask her if you can borrow her checkbook.
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That's pretty nervy to ask a co-worker to borrow a car.

I think you are very sensible. The only way Mike and I would loan our car---is if my in-law's needed it. They are the only family that live close, and since they have 3 cars it's pretty unlikely. They were very generous a few years ago when we had a car that was constantly in the shop. So I would loan them my car in an emergency.

ETA: We are a 1 car family, so I'm more protective of our car than I think I would be if we had 2 cars.
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I'm the same way. I dont like people driving my cars. Rob has no problem lending the car to a friend or someone, but I hate it. That's 2000lbs of steel you are lending to someone, and anything can happen if they arent paying attention.
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I don't think that your being unreasonable, I wouldn't have let her borrow my car either if I were you. I think that asking to use someone's car (if its not an absolute emergency) is rude, I would never ask to borrow someone elses car. Borrowing expensive items like a car only leads to problems should something go wrong.
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