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My Checking account credits intrest every so often and it confuses the crap outta me! So I have given up!! If I overdraft it they will tell me, but normally they say I have more money in there than I think I do! I hate being confused by that crap! Even with the DEBT card, I managed to overdraft last week.... WHOOPZ!! I bounced .16 cents! (Yes the bank paid it, and no they didn't charge me a insufficient funds fee!) Dumb electronic confusing thingys!!
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I actually do just about all of my banking online- so everytime i make a purchase- i go online and update my account- i put details about what i purchased and where/why. It helps keep me accountable to myself for what i spend. If i know i'm going to see it in print- i'm more likely to think twice about if i really need what i'm about to buy/etc and try to make a wise choice. I LOVE my online checking acct.!!!!
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Originally Posted by katiemae1277 View Post
Does your checkbook always balance?

I never actually record my transactions plus I never write checks.....so no!

whats a check book?
i cant keep track, i have bank accounts in ohio,texas, hong kong, bangkok,Surabaya
the coffee shops in surabaya are suppoed to transfer the money to hsbc in hong kong. But my ATM cared from there wont work here, unless i want to drive to new york.
so in truty i dont know whats where

i just live off of the money i make from hp.
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I always try to keep it up to date, but usually when I do get it all caught up I either buy more things or have to write checks ! hmm...I gotta go to the bank tomorrow so I guess I should update it then too

Though I never spend more than I have, I always do my banking online and check there before anything (I am so cheap ) Just to make sure how much is in my account and such!
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