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Pizza place - Rant

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This may not be much of a rant, but it made me very angry.

We ordered Pizza and breadsticks tonight and I always order the garlic sauce for the bread sticks. Well, last time I ordered 2 garlic sauces and they forgot 1 of them. I called and they gave me credit for next time. Well, THIS time, I told the guy on the phone that I had a credit for garlic sauce and I wanted it THIS time. Well, the pizza and breadsticks come and..... No garlic sauce. I called them and they told me it would be ANOTHER HOUR AND A HALF!!!! I told the manager that was unacceptable but he didn't care! It had to go by order ticket! He wouldn't send someone out with my garlic sauce when they were going on the next delivery. And we are not that far from the restaurant! Well, I have credit for next time, but I don't know if there will BE a next time since they don't care about their customers.

And the pizza hardly had any sauce on it either. I guess they are too busy tonight to care about getting the orders right.
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Uggghh, that stinks! I know I dont EVER eat at any pizza hut around here! They all just plain stink!!! The service is always terrible!!!
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