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Using Azodyl to treat kidney disease

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Baxter, my FeLV cat has been diagnosed with kidney disease. My vet put him on a special diet and wants to start him on a new medication called Azodyl which is suppose to help flush toxins and prevent further damage. Is anyone here have any experience with this drug?
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I'm not familiar with this drug, but I'd also be interested in learning more about it since my cat has CRF.

Does Baxter have CRF (Chronic Renal Failure), or a different type of kidney disease?
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I have a CRF cat who has been taking Azodyl with amazing results. It's a probiotic, so it doesn't have the side effects of regular pharmaceuticals.
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Many people who are dealing with chronic conditions - like FeLV and kidney disease (CRF) - find they can receive amazing practical help and information from others who have more experience doing the same thing. These people come together in online groups where all this information is shared.

For many reasons, these people soon discover that their combined knowledge and experience often outweighs that of their individual Veterinarians.

I would suggest that, at least, you check them out.

Here is one for FeLV

There are two focussing on CRF that I would recommend, here and here. (I'd also suggest that, if you decide to join, you use separate email accounts for any such group.)
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I am sorry your kitty has an additional problem, but many folks manage more than 1 chronic illness for their kitties with success

Here is a link to my favorite website on kidney failure, to the section that specifically discusses Azodyl and which is very detailed:

best wishes with your kitty,
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