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I hate waiting!

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Oi, the suspense and waiting is killing me! It's been almost a month since I had been interviewed for the humane society animal caretaker job. Apparently, they had to wait until they finished the other interviews a week after mine and I should be getting a call from Human Resources soon. Think it's too early or badgering to call them again? I've already left one voice mail 2 weeks ago. There's only 1 person for Human Resources and she has to cover about three sites. It's all under one name, just in different locations. The one I'm applying for is the recovery center for surgeries and adoptions.
Gah! I need this job, not only is our budget stretched really thin because of my husband's video gaming addiction (I swear, I'm deleting his SecondLife account! ) but I still want this job for the learning aspect since I'll be working alongside the vet tech there. (Plus not to mention it's right outside the base! ) Come on, call me! At least tell me if I got it or not!
Think I should call again??
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I would call them again! It would show that you're truely interested in the position and I think they would live that! Ive always called the places where Ive applied, and Ive never NOT gotten the job!!
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Maybe a nice email saying how much you appreciated her taking the time to interview you, and that you are still very interested in the job would be good. She may see it more than once and be reminded. Busy people often do not remember calls if they take a lot of them.
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I agree, an email or a letter thanking her again for taking the time to interview you and telling her how interested you still are.

Good luck!!!
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Well, that can be a slight problem since the Human Resources woman wasn't the manager of the humane society who interviewed me. I honestly don't know what to write to her without sounding like I'm badgering them for an answer.
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I don't think its badgering. Its showing interest and you deserve an answer
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Send her a box of chocolates.

I'd say call give her a call again. One month definitely is a long time to wait for an answer, however sometimes non-profits can be that way.

for luck!
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