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Dream job available for me!

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This isn't your typical dream job, it's not about making a lot of money.......I live in Manhattan, NYC, and am applying for a horse groomer position at Yonkers Raceway. I grew up around horses and LOVE them! I really miss working with them and living in the city this isn't a common available job. Being an artist and needing to live here, this would be the perfect side job for me, mentally and physically! It's part time and ideal! I just need some TCS vibes from ya all to help guide the way!
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Hey! I grew up in Yonkers! Go trotters!
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Tons of ! Sounds like a wonderful job!!
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Hope you get the job!!!
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Lots of Vibes!!

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I really hope you get it!!!!!!
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Sending "get the job" vibes I have very fond memories of when I used to spend time at the tracks with my friends (we co-owned horses together - one at a time, several over time) who were a trainer/driver duo.
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Tons of vibes coming your way
It sounds like a fabulous job and I hope you get it...
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I hope you get the job. There is nothing quite as satisfying as getting up and going to a job you love. Sending tons of good vibes for you!
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Good luck! And is there somewhere we can go to see your artwork?
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Yay for horses!
I hope you get it! Sending lots of job vibes your way!
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for ya. I love horses but haven't been around them in about 30 years.
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hope you get it!
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Good luck with getting the job!!!
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