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Savannah Cats

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I saw an ad in a cat magazine for these cats and ended up at this website http://www.savannahcats.com/

I'm curious about these cats - does anyone own one, or can anyone just give me some info about them?
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Savannah Cats are very new to the UK. I have imported some from the original founder of the Savannah Cat Breed. Kittens expected from May onwards. Feel free to contact me to disucss anything you need to know about Savannah Cats.

Kind Regards

website: www.strawbellcats.co.uk
Tel: 07717800071
email: info@strawbellcats.co.uk
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This is another breed you REALLY have to be caustious in and who you are buying from. Too many people jump on the bandwagon and start producing these cats (with the wild cat bloodlines) and not to the benefit of the "breed". This has happened to the Bengals - too many backyard breeders are ruining the hard work of those breeders who are trying to produce a quality cat with a good temperment.

I, personally, would not deal with these cats for a long time, until they are establish as safe and have constant good reliable personalities.
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