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Long Time Furmom, First Time Poster

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Just thought I'd say "Hello!" and introduce my fur-kids

This is my little girl, Artemis. She's almost two and she is the most clever and mischievous cat I've ever had the pleasure of owning. She's always opening cupboard and drawers and hiding inside, hopping up on top of the fridge and scaring me silly when I walk into the kitchen, and knocking down candles just to watch them fall. I wouldn't change a thing about her

This is my boy Shroomies. He's going to be 7 in May He's a big kitty but very timid, a gust of wind could spook him. He spends most of his time sleeping, playing with Artemis, or playing with his favourite toy (which is actually a broken shoe-lace from my old pair of Chucks that he adores for reasons beyond me).

And then last, but certainly not least, Bella. She's 16 and full of love and cuddles. She was born deaf. She spends most of here time near me, cuddling, or sunbathing. Occasionally she gets a burst of energy and chases the other cats around the house.

And this is moi. I'm an industrial electrician currently residing in Newfoundland. My whole life right now revolves around my books, my cats, and my guitar.
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Hi and welcome to TCS, Katya! Your kitties are absolutely adorable. You are beautiful, too.
I hope you enjoy it here and stick around.
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Welcome to TCS!
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Hi and welcome to TCS
You and your babies are beautiful!
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Hello and welcome!!! Your babies are absolutely precious!!!
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Welcome to The Cat Site!
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Your fur babies are so cute!

Are you an anime fan by any chance? Artemis looks kind of like Luna from "Sailor Moon," and Luna had a male cat friend whose name was Artemis. Just curious. Wherever you got the name, she's gorgeous and so are Bella and Shroomies.
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Hi, welcome to TCS!
So glad you have joined our wonderful community of cat lovers.
I truly hope you and your delightful furfamily enjoy your time here with us!

As you learn your way around our site, if you have questions, I would be happy to help you. Feel free to contact me by clicking on my user name, then send a Private Message.
I will get back to you asap.

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Hola y bienvenido a TCS, ...Catulina y Milky te saludan!!!........
(Translate: Hi and Welcome to TCS, Catulina and Milky say hello to you!!!...)

See you on the forums!
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Hello and Welcome to you and your cute kitties.
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Hey Katya (cool name btw, don't know if you watch neighbours lol).

I'm new too,
And the white cat is so cute in that sunbathing pik.

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Welcome to TCS! That first picture is great!
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Hi and welcome
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welcome! aww, you & your kitty's are beautiful
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Welcome to TCS!
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Hello, and welcome to the best cat site around!

We have a lot of support and advice to give here. We also have a game called KatKwiz, which teaches you things about The Cat Site and also allows you to win lots of points. Just click on the here link below to learn more. Glad you decided to join us!
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Welcome to TCS!!
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Welcome to TCS! Your kitties are adorable. Nice to see you too.
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Hi and welcome to TCS! We are so glad you have joined us!

If I can help you with any questions you have about the site, please click on my username and send me a message.
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