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i'm back :)

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Hi everyone!

wow its been a long time since i posted here, over a year, good to see a lot of famillar faces around though!

I'm sorry that I vanished but i couldn't deal with posting on the forum anymore.... I adore it, I adore cats and love them, but sadly I lost 3 of my babys..... All at a simllar time

Ollie if you remember me posting about had alot of thyroid problems, he had meds for it, but these weren't helping much so he ended up having his thyroid out, And he went downhill from there, Kidneys started playing up he had special diet, but sadly, passed on, And it killed me inside, i've had him since i was 4 years old, i'm 22 now.

He was my best friend through childhood, Teenage troubles and adulthood, I couldn't cope with his loss, at all, i went into depression, and no one could really understand what was wrong with me, he was just my best friend in life, I had alot of bad times as a child, and whenever i was down and cried, Ollie was there for me, we were always there for eachother, always used to give him any bits of chicken off my dinners i could sneak
And I miss him, honestly typing this is hurting but its also helping me discuss the grief now, as i know you can understand what my family didn't

not long after my Rosie passed on, she was extremely tempremental as she was a rescue cat I had from the age of 5 just after Ollie, she only really took to me, anyone else she'd run away and hiss in the corner it was sad, so i had alittle spot in the corner of my room for her pads cushions, water, and her favorite toys for times when she needed to just chill out. She had severe kidney problems, many trips to the vet, but she was so poorly, so so so poorly, it was heartbreaking, espcialy after just losing Ollie, But in the end she was so sick everything hurt, her nerves were terrible she was a wreck, painfully had her put to sleep at my vets point of view she said it was the kindest thing to do for her.

I was so, Oh I just can't explain to you, how I felt inside, I suffer with my nerves, i'm a very shy anxious person, me and Rosie had so much in common, I adored all her traits that her owner hated her for and dumped her, at 3 years old, I miss her so much, oh so much, her ashes scatterd over a rose bed, I miss her so

then not long after this my mum wants to move home, and of course as i still live with her, i came too, but my aunt told my mum 3 cats were too many, as my mum just had a child, and while i was at college they took Star away from me to a sanctury where he'd get rehomed, I was DEVERSTATED SO ANGRY!
I will never forgive her for it, I understand about my baby sister and her welfare, but Star was so gentle he was my baby boy, and i would of taken secure messures to keep everything safe for my sister

But now, I have got stronger i have missy and my baby boy Simba,

And i have to stay strong and be there mummy, its just been so hard, i've missed you all. so much, Hope your all well, take care.

lots of love

claire xxxxxxxxxxx

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welcome back!
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Welcome back!!
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Welcome back
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What a cute name!!! By chance are you a fellow raver???
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Hola y bienvenido de nuevo a TCS, ...Catulina y Milky te saludan!!!........
(Translate: Hi and Welcome Back to TCS, Catulina and Milky say hello to you!!!...)

See you on the forums!
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Originally Posted by oOoMissEoOo View Post
What a cute name!!! By chance are you a fellow raver???
Yes I do enjoy some rave music!

Thanks everyone for the welcome!

Simba says hello his head is resting on my keys.
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Hello stranger!! It's nice to see you back, but i'm so sorry to hear about the babies
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Welcome Back! Hope to hear more from you!
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Welcome back!
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Welcome back!!
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Welcome back!!
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