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Buying our first home!

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So DH and I found the deal of a lifetime and are in the process of purchasing our first home! It's very exciting and a little scary. We're just waiting on the bank to give us the good news but they did reassure us that they see no reason why it wouldn't go through. We have excellent credit and the house has major equity so should be a no brainer for them. I sure hope so! It's such a great house and a great deal.... cross your fingers for us!

There are just a couple strings attached though. Technically we're only getting such a good deal because it was his grandmother's house, who unfortunately passed away. She wanted us to have it though, and I wish I could thank her personally but I know she's rooting for us too. The other strings are that we have to take her dog and cat. No problem. The dog is an elderly Boston Terrier and the cat is younger, but very scared of new people. I've only see him once for a split second. I'm not sure how Mitties will take all of this but I know she will adjust and so will they. It may be a bit chaotic at first though but it will all be worth it.
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Ohh that does sound exciting. Decorating is going to be so fun! I hope Mitties will transition to the new house comfortably.

When my husband and I first moved to our new house, two of my cats hid for a whole week before they finally started roaming around.
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That sounds really exciting!! Good luck with it all!! that it will!
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Congrats And just take it a day at a time. Soon everyone will be getting along.

Time to start packing
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Congrats! It is exciting...and VERY scary!! When we were signing all the papers for our house, it was like "wait a minute...when did I become an adult??" It is SO much different from renting but so worth it!!

I think it's great it was his grandmother's house. And, I'm sure the additional family members will all get along great after a while and you'll be one big happy family!
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Awww. That's great! I'm sure you'll enjoy your new home and your new friends!
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aww congratulation's!
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