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I really think if she gets any bigger she will fall over or explode....she is usually a really thin cat so.........She has been more restless the past day or so...Im wondering if its my fault that she hasnt had them yet because I have blocked off under my bed and she really wants under there...but it isnt safe for her to have her kittens under there....We won the game last night and I was so scared to go to it even cuz i was afraid i would miss her having her kittens...but nope...no kittens yet...my luck she is waiting till tonight when i have to be up at 5am tomorrow...little stinker...she had a small amount of discharge last night so im hoping its SOON...hehe
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Okay this cat is a tease!!!

I think she's waiting for you to leave the house tomorrow morning....then she's going to find a way to get under that bed....
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Good luck Dill and have those babies
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She has been trying for the past 2 days to get under the bed....I think I actually made the boxes and stuff heavy enough that she cant move them....She trys to hide under our daughters dresser but cant get her belly under there anymore, I think she will just end up having them on my bed to be honest.....today she has been following me around, and ALL 8 of her nipples have been leaking, so it better be soon, Im gunna explod with excitement if she doesnt have them soon....lol
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If she is folowing you around all day, then I would find some time to sit beside the box, with her in it, and giving her lots of relaxing rubs. She may be trying to tell you its time but she wants your help.

Good luck.
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Can you put a big box in your closet? I agree to just sit with her next to the box and try to get her to stay in there. Do you have a large dog crate or cage (or borrow one)? That would work too.
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We have a big banana box that she likes because it is right in front of a heater, we unfortunatly live in a house that has no damn closets....I know weird....I will try that....she has been a little different today, sleeping in really weird positions....like really weird....and looking out teh window like she wants to get out there, but there is no way she has a nest out there for them seeing as she hasnt been out there since b4 xmas. I have to leave and go to brantford at 4:30ish for another playoff game( my fiance plays hockey competativly) So...hope she can wait till I get back....Ill keep u all posted,,,im off to take her to her box and give her much needed tummy rubs.......
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OK Ive just about had it....I cant wait ne more seroiusly i think my head is going to explode im so excited....lol....I left for 3 hours hoping when i got home SOMETHING would be happeneing.......NOOOOOOOOO....Although....she did ran at me like a bat out of hell when i walked in the door, and she is definatly grooming WAY more, Hope it happens soon from my calculations she should be about 64 days today.....COME ON KITTENS....I will let every one know if ne thing happens.......
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Sending lots of good vibes for a happy & healthy delivery.
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I'm in Hamilton too. Good luck!
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I hope your kittens come quickly!
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ive been keeping up with this & the suspense is killing ME, i can only imagine what ur going thru.. good luck on the delivery, i hope it is quick & painless for her. i hope they come soon, i cant wait to see pics of their cute lil faces!!
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OK, here's a sort of side question to this suspense.

I know cats occasionally have trouble giving birth, especially first-timers. At what point would it be wise to get a vet involved? What are the danger signs?
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You would be best to start a new thread hun.....That way the other people who have more experience than I do hun My cat is on her second litter( last one was stills) Someone will be along soon to answer your question hun, I personally would say any more than an hour of straining and pushing I would call the vet......At least thats what I would do But im no expert. Good luck
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Whats the deal with my cat...seroisuly, she SHOULD have had them TODAY as far as im concerned( I fell at school and sprained my ankel ive been home all day) She has been hiding under the blankets all day I swear she is waiting until I go to sleep tonight...lol...its a conspiracy. lol.... Her appitite has gotten even smaller and she has been up my but all day...So hopefully its soon...Ill keep everyone up to date on any BIG changes, Im going to check on her now.....I dont know if this means anything but her vagina seems to be longer and the hair around it has moved away from it so yuo can clearly see it when she walks....what does that mean? I never noticed that last litter....any ideas???
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Is it swollen? Meeko became friendly and she was swollen. Soundsd like anytime. Its been over 5 years so I am trying to think back.
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Maybe she's starting to dilate! That would be nice since it feels like she's been pregnant for like 10 years! LOL
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How is Dill doing this morning?
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Since you have no way of knowing exactly when she was bred (or how often), kittens can be born from 63-68 days. My one queen generally went 64-65 days with most litters, but the one was 68 days. I was starting to panic a bit; then she went in labor.
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She is still pregnant thats how dill is....GRRR...but she knows when the right time is to have her babies, and with not being 100% positive about date of conception I guess I wait. I mean I COULD take her to the vet to find out for SURE....but then again I COULD just let nature happen. I know she is ok and healthy...OK...ne ways....dill is sleeping on my computer desk FORCING me to pay attention to her...I took a couple pics with my web cam SHE IS HUGE.....

If she gets any bigger she is gunna pop.....its GOTTA be SOON...oh oh oh...she is CLEANING HERSELF......THERE....YAY...lol....I think I have offically lost my mind waiting for these kittens
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Holy super groom....she has hardly STOPPED cleaning herself since the last post....Not just her "area" but her WHOLE body...especially her lower half, her back legs and tummy....and she doesnt want to be to far from me but it still looks like Nemo is having her kittens before Dill.....Hurumph....lol...thats ok I can wait as this is the last time im going to get the joy of kittens in my home.
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Not to worry! After all this waiting, at least your cat really will have kittens! I was waiting for imaginary kittens.
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Aww hunnie its ok you can have one of mine.....lol....Actually I have been trying not to get to excited about her kittens, last time they died, they were not healthy and she ignored them. So...Im hoping this time is different. They are going nuts today and as you can see from her pics she is MASSIVE, Nemo is delivering today so that means Dill should be any moment seeing as Nemo's owner said she got out around the same dates as Dill.....
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Do you have any idea what Dill's uhhh 'stud' looks like? I am dying to see her kittens since my cat is also all black. And it looks like she's got about 12 kittens in there
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No I dont....I can only imagine it could be one or 2 of the males in the area, they all have homes they just play outside, one is orange and white, one is fluffy and black, one is grey striped and then there is one all white one so I guess we will have to wait and see. Last time her kitten were grey and white with darker grey striping through the light grey...and a white belly and face, sooo cute....this time no clue tho...im getting axious waiting for these kittens especially with Nemo delivering as we speak and dill and nemo got out around the same time...
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I can't believe she hasn't had them yet! She's enormous! Fingers and paws crossed for her to have them soon!
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That is a seriously huge belly!

In comparison, Pennie could have hers next YEAR, lol!!
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She is teasing me....I swear....she finally has stayed in one of the nest's I set up for her, she slept in it all night last night after, of course, rearranging the blankets in there...and purred her little butt off while doing it so HOPEFULY its soon.......
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OMG She's enormous!!! If she gets much bigger her sides are gonna rip apart and she have them that way!!
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