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adapting to new litter

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Hello, I was thinking of switching my cats to a biodegradable litter ,but I'm a little aprehensive because I'm afraid they'll stop using the cat box. They really like the clumping clay and have used that for the past two years. Before, we used Feline pine, but one cat didn't like the pellets and used the bath tub as his box. They all prefer what we are using now, but I feel guilty because of the landfills with clay litter. The lady at the pet store suggested I stay with what I'm using because it's stressful for cats to switch and they are the ones to decide which litter to use. I had tried switching the cats to WBCL but noticed the cat boxes were barely used in the week I had it mixed with the clay. When I switched it back to all clay the cat boxes were being used like before. I have one box mixed with WBCL and clay and that one is hardley ever used. My question is how do you know if your cat accept the new litter or should I just stick with clumping clay type? What are the signs when a cat dosen't like the litter? Any advice is appreciated
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I'm having the SAME problem. Just switched back to Scoop Away yesterday as my cats were not using the box with the WBCL. I'm thinking of trying the Feline Pine scoopable and transitioning slowly. I'd LOVE to find a "green" litter that would be used, not smell horribly and not make us have allergies from the dust.

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I've tried the FP scoop and my cats didn't seem to mind, but it was SO dusty. I have one cat that sneezes with dusty litter so I had to switch back to Precious Cat. Precious Cat has little dust and is great except it's not biodegradable. I'm thinking of SCwheat scoop, maybe.
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If the cat doesn't like the litter, then he/she will find another place to pee/poop.

If you notice them not using the pan with the new litter mix, then obviously they prefer the other litter.

I changed over to the pellets. Just started mixing a little at a time in the clumping litter till it was gone and increased the pellets until its all pellets. Charlie is a digger, and its easier for him to dig the pellets and go then to keep making a "clean" spot in clumping litter.
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