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Who has a cat that likes to be covered up?

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From the first night I took Lexi in I have had her in bed with me. I would have her curl up right beside me and then cover her up with the blanket. She stretches out when she sleeps next to me almost like a human.

Since this has become a nightly ritual....when it's cold...she wants under the cover and just loves to be covered up. I know that this is a very uncommon characteristic among cats.

How many of you have cats that like to be covered up?
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Gracie has slept under the covers with us from the very first night we had her.
Her Sister Lizzie did the very same thing.
Elliott will burrow under the comforter after the bed is made to take his afternoon nap, but doesn't do it at night.
Annabelle the wild child would never get under the covers...she's just to nosy..she's afraid she might miss something!
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Dushka has always slept by me under the covers. Sometimes she will poke her head out, other times she is right underneath. Ellie will sometimes, and she likes to go right down by my feet. The others prefer to lie on top of the duvet or on the pillow.
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Pepper sometimes will sleep under the covers in bed, but what she really likes is sitting with me at night on the couch and I have a green blanket I cover up with. She lays on my chest and I cover her up with it.
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My cat Zephyer enjoys going to sleep under the covers too but not on top of the bed. He likes it where the box spring meets the floor. (i dont have a bed frame)
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Paige likes to sleep under the covers with me, she burrows down so that she's curled up around my waist.
If I'm on the couch with a blankie though she'll climb under and keep her head out so she can watch tv.
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Forrest likes to burrow and sleep under the covers. Lilly will allow me to cover her with fleece blankets in the winter when its cold.
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My 3 all sleep under the covers with me, they do it a little less now that it's summer but they still start their night underneath
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my little girl sabrina crawls under the covers..its so cute
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Pepper likes to get under the covers and sleep with her paws around my neck. Scooter and Pearl will get beside me under the covers from waist to ankle. Or sometimes on top of me, which drives me nuts. I dream something is crushing me and push everybody out of bed, once even my SO.
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My cats Keiko, Pixelle and Sundae love to get under the covers
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Only Lil' Jag likes to be covered up by bedding, coats, shirts and so on. Of course it might be in part because we rescued her from the car's tirewell when she was 3.5 months old and carried her inside in a nice warm coat (we found her around Thanksgiving time and it was freezing). She still loves it today.

The others will only lay on top of the beds or any other coverings.
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Originally Posted by Duchess15 View Post
How many of you have cats that like to be covered up?
Funny that you should ask. Just this morning I went in to make the bed and Alley was on the bed. I asked her nicely to get off so I could make the bed. She looked at me like I was crazy. So I placed her on the floor and before I could do anything, she was right back on the bed. I did it again and again she was right back. I told her I was going to make the bed anyway and pulled the bedspread over her. She did not move and is still on the bed in her original spot but now under the bedspread!
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I frequently find Jacob in a cosy little nest that he's made of the duvet, I don't know how he manages to pull it up all around himself but he makes a little cave for himself
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Molly likes to sleep under hte duvet, but I am a fidgeter, so she grumbles at me and moves part way through the night. Zi used to be, but isn't as keen now (prob cos she has fallen off the bed a few times with me moving), but will happily go under when I am not in the bed, or when the bed isn't fully made, she will make herself a den. Rolo likes to come under the blanket when I sit and watch TV (what a good excuse for being snuggly under a blanket!!), and last night, I put it over him while I did something, and he was still there when I Came back - he looked awfully upset at being disturbed.
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Back in July, when we first moved to PA we had to stay at a friends guest house for a while... we had no choice but to let the cats out and let them wonder.. Pinky was smart enough to come to us and hang out but King was a chicken and hid for a month... when he finally showed up we snuck him in the guest house ((the cats weren't allowed inside)) and he stayed in all night.. sleeping under the covers with his head peaking out.. he now does that regularly! he use to hate the covers before. Hes the only one of our 3 that do that.
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Sox is a bed cat. She likes to crawl under the blankets a lot. She either sleeps under the blankets or on my pillow next to my head. Wesley only on occasion will get under the blankets. He normally just likes to lay on the foot of the bed.
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That is so ironic that this topic is being discussed. Diddy has recently started burrowing under the fleece blanket that is on top of the bed. He only does it with that blanket. I've had him for 2 years (he adopted us), and this is the first I've seen him do it. It's so cute!!
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Zoey loves to lay under the covers, but her head must always be out. She prefers to lay with her head next to our shouldrs.

Talley has a cat sack/bag. I will often find both girls curled up in it.
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I have one, Martha Mae, that likes burrowing under the covers everyonce in a can also find her burrowed under the doggie blankets that are always on the floor (hey, pups, need beds too!). It's traumatic (for both of us) when I go to straighten out Sophie's bed, and I accidentally shake out a'd think I'd learn to double check, but she's not always there! Martha just looks at me over her shoulder as she leaves the room like "How DARE you disturb my slumber!!!!"
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My baby boy loves being covered up. I think it's because when we first brought him in he lived in a warm little box and we covered him with a blanket every naptime.. And growing up he would always crawl into my boyfriend's sweatshirt while he was wearing it and would sleep in there.

Now if you snuggle up to him and pull a blanket over him, he'll cuddle up and sleep with you like forever.
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Angel will burrow under the covers at night if she's cold or is just interested in being under the blankets. It's funny, she makes a murring sound throughout her 'venture' until she finds a good spot and lays down.
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When i first got Amber, around 6 months ago she used to hide a lot becouse she was scared. I used to find her most of the time under the covers in 1 of the beds. She is a very happy out going cat now. But still likes to be covered up with a fleece blanket.
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Sassy and Linus both loved to be covered up. Pixie doesn't.
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Originally Posted by Duchess15 View Post
I know that this is a very uncommon characteristic among cats.
Being covered? I had the impression it was the opposite.
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Noodles likes to be covered up an sometimes Mooch does too. Mooch likes it if you wrap the blankets around her, but don't cover her. Usually at night I make them little nests in the living room blankets and they snuggle in them. But occasionally I'll snuggle one under a blanket when I go to bed, and they'll stay there. Actually the other day I got home from work to find Mooch had covered herself up with the blanket on the couch and had her little head pokin out and she looked so relaxed...she was sooo cute!
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Tubee always sleeps under the covers. He is more lovey when he is under the covers than he is anywhere else.

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