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Two Short Kitty Videos

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After taking a look at all the beautiful kitty pictures and videos on the front page of this subforum, I have decided to share two videos that I posted on youtube. Hope you enjoy.



The first link features kitty playing by herself with some plastic insulation. Nothing toxic. The second is of my friend playing with her and having her jump around. Some of my friends expressed concern that this was torturing my cat, but I didn't think this. Is it?
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The first video looks familiar! This is Maia's first winter window insulation (clear plastic lining on windows), I constantly stop her from ripping it down! Ours is closer to the window but she is not happy about this, especially in front of her window perch!
The second, who told you this was torturous? If you really know cats, they don't do anything they don't want to! This type of interactive play stimulates and satisfies their instinctive hunt behaviors.
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If that's torturing, then we're all guilty of kitty abuse! It's not like making a dog jump for 10 minutes before giving him a treat...this is just how cats play. Believe me, if she didn't like it she would walk away.

Cute kitty!
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No that's not torturing the cat. If they were doing it where the cat kept falling against something hard so as to hurt itself it would be different.
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cute kitty!
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It's good to hear that you're all in agreement regarding the torture thing. I also figured if she didn't like it, she would walk away.

I hope nobody found the videos to be too boring.. I know they're not great quality nor do they have spectacular content.
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