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Mark and Sam stopped by. They came up, to shop and go to counseling. I didn't want to pry but it looks as though Mark is, at least, making an effort to straighten up. He hasn't found a job, yet and I don't know if they're back living together but this is a start.
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that is wonderful news Cindy!!!!! at least they are making baby steps which is better than nothing. it must be a huge relief!

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It is the first step of many more...
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Cindy, I've been wondering what's been going on, but thought I'd give it a few more days to see... I've kept them in my prayers, and


Little by little.
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Oh my gosh Cindy!!! I didn't even know they were speaking to each other yet, let alone going to counseling!!!!! That is GREAT news!!!!!!!!!! I am so glad to hear Mark seems to be straightening up!!!! I hope the counseling works!!!!! Keep us posted!!!! I am so happy to hear this!!!!!!!!!!
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I will keep all of them in my prayers.
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Thanks, everybody. Like I said, I didn't want to pry.

Pearl remembered Mark and was all over him. I showed Sam the fabric that I've bought and gave her the tie-dyed rompers. She loves tie-dye. Some friends of hers are making tie-dyed blankets, for the babies. Her due date has been moved back, by a month. Her doctor said that twins are usually born early and 36 weeks is OK. I know that my mom was a preemie and very tiny.
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I'm glad to hear that Mark and Sam are going to counseling. I've been keeping all of you in my thoughts, and I'm happy that they've taken this step together. Big hugs and happy thoughts for all of you (and an angel to keep watch, too).
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cindy - i am glad to here this also! i'll be praying for sam, mark, and the babies! (((HUGS)))
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I have been keeping them in my prayers and I am so happy that they are working on their issues. I will keep the prayers headed their way.
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