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Help My Cat Doesnt Have Balance!!!!!

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The last few days one of my cats has been walking wobbly...then today I was holding him on my deck and he wanted down so I put him on the railing...and he started to walk along it like normal but every few seconds his back legs sliped a little off balance and he almost fell..I picked him up and put him down and his walking was wobbly...when he stands his back legs look like he shivers...and he is walking wobbly. He looks uningured though...He is a young cat almost full grown and has always been healthy and playful. 2-3 of my others have gotten colds(runny nose and eyes, sneezing) but I treated them and he never got it. There is only one with cold symptoms right now....PLEASE HELP I have told all I know about the possible environmental causes to his problem...please help him...I cant afford the vet right now, but if I have to take him I will, but I need to know for sure so Im not out of money if he has something that will go away on it's own....thanks 4 ur help.
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Sorry but you need to get this cat to a vet. He could have a head injury, if he is an outside cat he could of gotten into something toxic or worse. You need to also put him in a room where he won't hurt himself before he does go to the vet.

Most vets are good about taking payments. When you accept a cat into your home and heart, part of that responsibility to provide good care and that includes vet visits for times like these.
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Hissy, I know he probably needs to go to the vet I have 10 cats I take good care of...they are like my children...My point of the post is that I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HE COULD HAVE....that way I will know how much money it could I can get him the best care.
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There is no way to tell you what you need to know.Only a vet who has hands on with the cat and can run tests can tell you. My guess would be either he got into something toxic which means blood work, or he has been hit by something- which could mean a specialist needs to see him. If he is wobbling, you vet is the only one that can tell you why. There are more than a few reasons what could be wrong with him. He could even just have an inner ear infection, again a vet is the best answer.
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I really wish I could tell you what it could be. Even a vet would be hard pressed to give you a diagnosis without seeing your cat. What you describe it could be:
Ear infection
renal failure
nerve damage or pinched nerve
urinary tract disorders
muscle problems

So, you see it would be impossible to give you a definate answer. I hope you can get him to a vet. He's young, so everything is in his favor.
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My vet said that since he's eating and drinking ok and still purring he may only have a inner ear infection, hurt himself crawling out from under the house at the hole I just closed up today,or he may have a fracture from a fall or something. The vet told me to give it a day or too and see if there are any changes especially in eating habits....I'll let you know how he is daily if I can...I am still keep replying other possibilities if u want...thanks.
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Just to let you know, they purr when they are in pain too. I would find another vet were it me.
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Uh yeah. I would also suggest finding and calling another vet, asap.
And can I assume that you are keeping your cat indoors during this period until you know what is wrong and he is treated, if not for the rest of his life? I hope?
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I want to bring him inside, but I can't...(he's not liter trained, fleas, the insane house cat we have, and he freaks out...I tried to earlier but he started to jump on the door wanting out so I had to let him outside so he wont hurt himself). The vet said there wasnt much he could do without seeing him, but that I should get an x-ray in a day or 2 if nothing changes. If he doesn't get any better and definately if he gets worse I'll have no choice but to bring him in...that's what I was gonna do...just bringing him in and getting an x-ray is $50.00...but I cannot afford it. Oh and I cant get another vet I live in a small country town the only other has been in legal trouble a few years ago over his animals.....Mine is a good one, he just cant do much over the phone.
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Well good news and bad news....he's not gotten any worse today, but I think I know what is wrong with him..I think he has a ear infection the doctor mentioned that, and today I noticed him shaking his head and having one of his ears kinda that I know what it is..Im gonna try to get him to a vet..I don't want to go deaf...I'll let you know if there's any changes between now and then...
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I took him to the vet today. They did a full exam and everything was normal except the "nasties" in his ears...they ran tests and he did indeed have a ear infection. I have to doctor him daily for a week. It cost me $77.00...I am glad though that he's ok. Now I gotta figure out how to catch him to be 4 all your help.
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Thanks for the update and glad it's easily treatable!

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I am glad it was just an ear infection. Now he will be on his way to feeling normal again.
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